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July 24, 2017 — A second high-scoring attacker makes a move

Remember this?

Today, this happened.

If you look at what has happened to the class of players who have scored 125 goals or more in scholastic field hockey, it is surprising how many different paths their lives have taken. Not all have been capped for the United States on the senior level and enjoyed an international career including an Olympic or World Cup cycle.

Some of the players have transferred universities. A couple have only played a year before leaving hockey. There are players who have never finished college, and one never entered university at all.

It kind of reminds you of that disclaimer on banking and investment commercials: “Past performance is not an indicator of future growth.”

But the fall of 2017 is going to be notable, I think, for the talent which shifted between Division I schools in the preceding summer. That’s 450 goals that have moved locations with just two players.