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Sept. 24, 2017 — No. 1 Connecticut 1, No. 6 Delaware 0 (OT)

POSTGAME That’s all for now; good day and good hockey

POSTGAME There is sure to be a lot of soul-searching within the Delaware team the next few days as the defending champions have three defeats on the year

POSTGAME After all that defense played throughout regulation and overtime, it took a poacher’s goal in order to win the game. Vietner’s attempt was a diving, blind shot that somehow got through Delaware defensive captain Kayla Devlin without the ball hitting her feet, and without Vietner’s stick clashing with Devlin’s

82:55 UCONN GOAL Amanda Collins bloops a shot off the UConn defense, and Veitner (who else?) is there to pick up the goodies; Connecticut wins the game 1-0

80:30 UCONN PC The Huskies with an option right, but on the return left Lotte DeKoning is able to make the tackle for Delaware

78:45 Nauck with some space, heading into the circle, but a block tackle by Casey Umstead!

77:25 TIMEOUT, DELAWARE Is this tactical? What will Rolf van der Kerkhof do here?

75:00 A clash of sticks in the midfield: whose ball is it? The umpires seem to disagree

71:45 Nauck with a fancy air-dribble; the Connecticut defense clears

71:00 Delaware with a free hit in a promising position

70:00 We’re on with extra time

FULL TIME Next goal wins; up to two periods of 7-on-7 overtime will ensue. If nobody scores, we’ll play the FIH penalty shootout

FULL TIME If there’s one factor that is going to lead to a result here, I think, it’s conditioning. When UConn was taking penalty corners, there was absolutely no urgency. The players were walking to their positions. Delaware had some elementary errors in execution on a series of penalty corners with under five to go. The temperature is now hovering somewhere around 87, and the humidity from the wet turf makes the air more difficult to breathe

FULL TIME And the whistle goes; we are still at 0-0 and headed to overtime!

69:30 UDEL PC Pass to Nauck is slow; the UConn flyer is able to make a play, although Nauck was able to somehow get off a shot attempt

68:25 UDEL PC A bad set for Delaware; the execution isn’t there at the critical time for the defending champs

67:30 UDEL PC Blown insert is rescued, but a Connecticut foul leads to a re-rack

66:50 Entry pass by Nauck from the right wing is mishandled by UConn and we’ll have a late corner!

65:00 Five to go; who has what it takes to win it?

64:30 UCONN PC Reverse shot goes wide; but the ball never left the circle on the insert anyway. Delaware’s ball on the free out

64:00 Wow; how did that not go in for UConn? They do get a penalty corner out of their surge up the right wing

61:00 UConn now surges, but Delaware has been picking up Connecticut players at the 23-meter line and are doing a fine job of keeping them out

56:30 Delaware throws in a surge, attacking from the middle and getting a Lauren Crudele shot out of it

55:30 UDEL GREEN Lisa Glezeman is off for two minutes

53:35 OFFICIAL TIMEOUT for a water break

53:35 UDEL PC The ball gets through but the save is made by Klein!

53:00 UDEL PC Dragflick hits a UConn player on the foot; will re-rack

50:00 Tactically, I haven’t seen much change from either side this half; is this headed to overtime?

46:17 UCONN PC Huskies’ passing play is broken down and Delaware sends it to the other end of the pitch!

44:45 UCONN PC Shot is saved by Oltmans! Rebound sent wide!

43:40 Veitner earns a corner after being triple-teamed in the circle

42:05 UCONN PC The insert is stopped inside the circle, and the diagonal pass is knocked in; the goal is rightly waved off

41:30 UCONN PC Shot swept off a Delaware foot; will re-rack

40:30 UCONN PC Hi-lo to Veitner as the inserter is sticked wide by Delaware; free in for the Huskies

38:30 UDEL PC Nauck’s dragflick goes wide

36:30 UConn with a free hit in a dangerous position, but choosing to keep the ball and passing it in the midfield and making Delaware chase

35:00 The second half is under way

HALFTIME The teams are also seemingly paralleling each others’ playbooks, so it is hard to know whose game the teams are playing at any given moment. But here in the first term, the defenses are definitely ahead of the offenses

HALFTIME The sides are very even territorially, though it seems as though Veitner is getting open much more often than Nauck

HALFTIME The whistle goes with the sides level at 0-0

34:59 Delaware is playing to the horn; a deep run into the circle leads to a shot that sizzles wide by Femke Strein!

34:30 Ball goes to the doorstep, where Svea Boker hits the post; that could have been the opener for UConn!

33:30 UDEL GREEN Horgan with a block tackle in the midfield; I think it’s more of the context of how the play got to her rather than the severity of the tackle

30:55 Veitner tries to find space on the left wing, and her backhander is high, wide, and handsome

30:05 UConn with a free hit in a promising position, but Delaware uses the sideline as an extra defender

28:20 Veitner with a backhand shot, but Horgan defenses the opportuniy

23:30 UConn again enters the circle, but Sarah Horgan with an immense clear! She has been rock-solid thus far for the Hens

22:04 Veitner with an enterprising chance for Connecticut, but Oltmans is equal for Delaware

19:10 Delaware is buzzing around the left wing but the Huskies playing excellent bend-but-don’t-break defese

17:46 Timeout, UConn

17:30 Delaware with a free hit in a promising position, but the ball is squeezed over the end line

14:30 UCONN PC Dragflick broken down in front; ball goes in but off a UConn foot

11:10 Delaware attacks the right side and has space, but the pass goes over the end line for a UConn free out

7:20 Connecticut attacking the left side of the circle, but the Delaware defense holds strong

6:05 Charlotte Veitner attacks the space with speed and misses the cage; a chance wasted

4:15 UCONN PC Dragflick zings wide of the post

0:35 Delaware attacking the left baseline and almost gets free for a scoring chance, but a stick obstruction nullifies the play

0:00 The game is on

PREGAME Delaware is in the royal blue with gold trim; Connecticut is in the all-white with blue numbers

PREGAME The teams are warming up under bright sunshine with temperatures around 85; it shouldn’t budge much from this level, which might bring water breaks into the equation

PREGAME Seven foreign players are on the Delaware roster, including goalie Emelie Oltmans and scoring ace Greta Nauck. Connecticut has six, including its scoring leader, Charlotte Veitner

PREGAME This game is also going to be an interesting study as to the foreign influence in American college field hockey. Both of these schools have relied heavily on international talent the last half-decade

PREGAME This is a matchup of the two universities with three out of the last four NCAA Division I championships. As such, this will be a bellweather game for how the rest of the season will play out

PREGAME Two days ago, Delaware had its 16-game home winning streak snapped by Albany. Connecticut, who beat Temple on Friday evening, doesn’t want that to happen to them

PREGAME Delaware, your defending national champion, is 6-2 on the season. Connecticut, the No. 1 ranked team in the latest NFHCA poll, is 8-0 on the season

PREGAME Hello, and welcome to Rullo Stadium on the campus of the University of Delaware for this interconference field hockey match between Connecticut and Delaware