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Sept. 28, 2017 — The WPLL’s Tweet-storm masks the UWLX’s resurrection

In a couple of days, the Women’s Professional Lacrosse League will take to the pitch for the first time as part of a weekend of lacrosse games at the U.S. Lacrosse headquarters in Sparks, Md.

And if you monitor Twitter, you couldn’t avoid mention of the new league. Dozens of Tweets promoting some aspect or other were posted. Some mention the players in the exhibition game, others mention the legends to be honored during the weekend. And still others are beginning to delineate the parallel educational program that was promised during the rollout of the league.

The educational program is a youth lacrosse program which is being called Futures, and it is a partnership between the league and Brave Enterprises, a company founded by former Princeton attacker Crista Samaras.

While all this is going on, however, there has been a number of changes at United Women’s Lacrosse (UWLX), the inaugural women’s league that played a pair of quality seasons with four teams. A company named 3D Lacrosse has partnered with the league and with its suppliers, Nike and STX. A new governance structure is in place, with Kristan Ash as league commissioner, and with former commissioner Digit Murphy joining Syracuse coaches Gary Gait and Regy Thorpe, 3d Lacrosse CEO Greg Waldbaum, and Carol Rainson-Rose.

If there is one thing that the new UWLX has through the 3D takeover, it’s an expansive series of markets in places such as Georgia, Los Angeles, Houston, and Colorado. To be sure, there are still four teams planned for the 2018 season, and all four are located in WPLL markets.

In the absence of regulations regarding the definition of who can contract with whom for the services of a lacrosse player, this whole situation could blow up in the next six months. The FIL may have some interesting meetings over the next few months.

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