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Oct. 8, 2017 — Connecticut 5, Princeton 3

POSTGAME That’s all for today; good day and good hockey 

POSTGAME That being said, Princeton had it’s chances. But they seemingly could not execute on corners like they know they can do

POSTGAME Charlotte Veitner put on a master class in how to work the final third for goals, showing just how valuable a player she is

POSTGAME In the final analysis, Connecticut won comfortably but uncomfortably at the same time

FULL TIME The final horn goes with Connecticut winning 5-3

69:18 PRI GOAL Off a turnover deep in the UConn end, McCarthy finishes a pass from Julianna Tornetta; UConn leads 5-3

67:00 Connecticut content to keep the ball and make Princeton chase

66:50 The rain that pelted pre-game warmups has held off, though a second wave is looming ominously to the west

66:50 PRI Time-out

65:00 Princeton gaining possession in the middle third, but not able to generate anything on the attack end

56:30 I don’t believe what I am witnessing here; the game was tied a few minutes ago, but Connecticut got three in 15 minutes

56:20 PRI PC Broken play from a bad insert; resulting shot attempt is shanked over the sideline

54:05 UCONN GOAL Veitner is once again given enough time and room upon receiving the back deep in the circle and buries it. Hat trick for the senior; Connecticut leads by three

53:04 UCONN Time-out

47:15 UCONN PC Hits a Huskie foot and it’s a free out for Princeton

46:00 A bouncing pass to Veitner at the spot seemingly has eyes and eludes everyone

42:48 A rash challenge in the midfield; McCarthy is off for five; Margot van Heckling Colenbrander is off for two

39:58 UCONN GOAL And on the rescue, Veitner puts it away and Connecticut leads 4-2

39:39 UCONN PC Bad set and the ball bounds wildly into mid-field 

38:00 UCONN GREEN Umstead off for dissent

37:18 UCONN GOAL Off the restart, Veitner finds Jessica Dembrowski, who softly escorts the ball into the goal; UConn leads 3-2

37:12 PRI GREEN von Gieke is off for a stick obstruction

35:43 PRI GOAL McCarthy is left alone on the doorstep and finishes from a tight angle! How did UConn leave so much room at the back? Game tied 2-2

35:00 The second half is under way

HALFTIME UConn has the lead here, but should have more goals and Princeton was hammering at the goal for most of the last 10 minutes

HALFTIME The horn sounds with Connecticut leading Princeton 2-1

34:51 PRI PC Shot tipped over the top

34:17 PRI PC Shot defensed by the UConn flyer, but she is judged to have been out too early

33:39 Princeton gets a very fortunate upgrade on Casey Umstead’s handling error

31:05 UCONN PC McCarthy’s hi-lo just misses Carlotta von Gierke at the post. Wow. That close to tying the game 

30:25 UCONN PC Ryan McCarthy sweeps; a logged Nina Klein says no

27:00 Princeton is engaging UConn in close, trying to smother the Huskies’ space 

20:22 PRI PC and GOAL Yes they can. Sophia Tornetta drives the ball off a UConn stick into the mesh! UConn’s lead is now 2-1

20:00 PRI PC False start on UConn; next corner will have one less defender. Can Princeton take advantage?

14:00 PRI PC Short corner to MaryKate Neff but the pass to the penalty spot is sniffed out by the UConn defense 

9:05 Veitner almost gets a brace but the Princeton defense gets a deflection on the bouncy pass

7:02 UCONN GOAL Charlotte Veitner gets time and room in the circle and makes no mistake, scoring her 17th of the season; UConn leads 2-0

6:00 Danielle Duseau tries to spring Ryan McCarthy on the left wing but the connection does not happen 

2:30 Princeton, to its credit, is trying to possess the ball in the forward third and apply pressure

1:56 UCONN PC and GOAL Casey Umstead’s sweep eludes everyone including Nina Klein in the Princeton goal cage; UConn leads 1-0

0:00 The game is on

PREGAME Princeton is in the black with orange numbers; UConn is in the white with blue numbers

PREGAME The teams are warming up under changeable skies with temperatures around 76; tropical rain is forecast for the second half and conditions could get interesting 

PREGAME Princeton, who make the Final Four last year without winning the Ivy League automatic berth, is in an interesting situation. Should the Tigers lose today, they would face the final five games of the season needing to win three of them to be NCAA-eligible 

PREGAME Connecticut is in line to contend for a national title in 2017, building from the outside in; their two best players are center forward Charlotte Veitner and goalie Nina Klein

PREGAME Princeton is 6-5 this season; Connecticut is 12-0

PREGAME Hello, and welcome to Bedford Field for this interconference field hockey showdown between No. 1 Connecticut and No. 14 Princeton


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