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Oct. 25, 2017 — A trickle becomes a flood

Last spring, 24 members of the Louisville women’s lacrosse team participated in at least one game.

But since the fall of 2016, 16 players have been reported to have left the Cardinal program. Some went back to play at colleges near their homes. Others transferred in groups to follow former assistant coach Katrina Dowd to the University of Oregon.

Some pundits may look at previous trickles of players away from the campus, as well as as a USA Today story alleging verbal abuse by head coach Kellie Young.

As we’ve said in the past, I don’t believe that Young is the problem that is chasing away the players from the program. After all, with the social media tools for documentation that have been used in the past to entrap students who act poorly, I note the lack of credible evidence that Young has been engaging in a pattern of player abuse.

However, one does wonder about the campus at large. This is a university whose basketball program has been allowed free rein when it comes to using sex workers. Its coach and members of the athletic administrative staff are on leave with the intention of dismissal.

Did the women’s lacrosse team somehow encounter some of the environment the basketball team brought to campus?

This is something that bears watching.