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Nov. 16, 2017 — A note of congratulations

I didn’t want to go too long without making note of this news item from the world of women’s lacrosse, because it is a significant and well-deserved change.

Jenny (Slingluff) Levy, who built a North Carolina program that made the Final Four in its second and third seasons, then figured out how to win a national championship 15 years later, is now the head coach of the U.S. senior women’s national lacrosse team.

I first met Levy back in 1996 in the upper levels of the horseshoe at Goodman Stadium at Lehigh University. She and the team were sitting together watching the track meet unfold in front of us as Maryland was playing Temple.

At the end of our talk, I told Levy, “One of these days, you’re going to win one of these,” meaning a national championship.

I thought it was pretty much a foregone conclusion that North Carolina, with support from an athletics department who knew how to get the best out of their student-athletes, was someday going to win a title match. But little did I suspect that it would take three overtime periods in a wild game at Villanova Stadium a decade and a half later for this prophecy to come true.

This appointment comes at an interesting time in Levy’s career. Carolina is now a perpetual contender for national honors thanks to masterful recruiting and marrying these recruits to her offensive and defensive tactics.

The duty of national team coach means taking a small amount of time away from the focus on all things UNC, including some fall-ball tournaments as well as an annual preseason tournament, usually in Florida, when the United States national team pool gets a runout.

Somehow, I get the feeling your current FIL World Cup champions are in good hands.



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