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Dec. 11, 2017 — A series of decisions which do not make much sense

Last week, it was announced that Severna Park (Md.) field hockey coach Ann Andrews would not have her coaching contract renewed for 2018.

The decision is the latest in a series of draconian fiats coming down from school administrators in the wake of the team’s annual prank of toilet-papering the coach’s house if the team wins an important game.

The initial decision was to suspend every member of the team and the coaching staff for a game apiece. A follow-up decision withdrew the team from further participation in postseason play. Severna Park had been on the cusp of winning a class 4A title after a season in which it beat two state champions on the field of play.

And now, word of Andrews’ dismissal.

It’s already spawned a petition, and the decision has already been appealed to the county school administration apparatus.

I’m not so sure that the latter will do much; I think the school administration has had it in for Andrews from the beginning of this scandal.

Now, I haven’t been privy to every single conversation that has been held regarding this event. But I do know that there have been plenty of papering incidents throughout history which have not yielded nearly the same kinds of punishment.

One takeaway question: if a boys’ team was caught doing a similar prank, would that team be subject to the same sanctions?


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