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Dec. 21, 2017 — When sports leagues are part of the conspiracy

In the last 24 hours, two employees of major professional sports leagues have been let go due to improprieties having to do with their duties.

Yesterday, it was NFL Network executive David Eaton who was made to tender his resignation for sexually explicit use of the Twitter social media platform. This is on top of the five former NFL players who were suspended from the network after allegations of sexual harassment towards a wardrobe person.

Today, it was MLB Advanced Media executive Bob Bowman who was made to resign because of his workplace conduct.

I guess it’s commendable that the commissioners of the sports involved were able to eventually show the door to these men for their misdeeds. The key word here is “eventually.” First reports of Bowman’s behavior started surfacing a decade ago, but the management team at Major League Baseball were more than content with the billions of dollars Bowman was bringing in.

But as what has been made clear in the upheaval that has seen dozens of executives fired for sexual misconduct, harassment, and impropriety the last few months, the cost of keeping harassers on staff eventually reaches a point.




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