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Dec. 27, 2017 — A well-deserved honor in the midst of an American renaissance

This afternoon, Connecticut full forward Charlotte Veitner won the Honda Award for field hockey, emblematic of the finest player in the country.

Through a vote of about a thousand NCAA administrator, Veitner beat out Ashley Hoffman of UNC, Lein Hoelsboer of Maryland, and Alyssa Chiliano of Duke for the honor.

For me, it’s amazing that, in an era which has seen a number of the best American field hockey players ever developed, that the current Honda Award winner is from Dusseldorf, Germany.

Why is it amazing? Well, given the depth and quality of players like Hoffman, Tara Vittese, Margaux Paolino, and Linnea Gonzalez over the last few years, I’d have expected one of them to have made a much stronger candidacy for the Honda award.

Then again, every time Veitner and the University of Connecticut were put in difficult situations, they came through. I saw Veitner change a game all by herself through her enterprise in the attack end, and she’s been an incredibly successful player for the last four seasons in Storrs.

I guess that’s reason enough.


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