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Dec. 28, 2017 — A statistic that bears watching

Yesterday, the Aspen Institute authored a story on the BBC’s website called, “Have adults ruined children’s sports?

It’s a long read, but there is one bit of statistical data that should concern field hockey people from coast to coast.

Data from the Sports and Fitness Industry Association seem to indicate that participation in the game of field hockey has fallen some 21 percent between 2011 and 2016. Field hockey is not alone in a decline in participation: the data, amongst 13 sports, shows declines in all but ice hockey.

The statistic, as published is just that: a statistic. Your Founder does not have any way to get behind the data to see whether the numbers come from participation on the high-school level, the club level, or whether it is from spending on sport-specific goods.

Yet, it is a number that should be a wake-up call for those in the national governing body of the sport, one that has made a number of high-publicity plans for social and gender diversity in the game. These initiatives, however, have not yet meaningfully altered the balance of gender or race in the game and probably will not without a sustained Marshall Plan kind of effort.



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