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Jan. 1, 2018 — Wishes and hopes for 2018

We begin 2018 with our usual list of hopes and wishes (kind of like a virtual giftbox) for life and sport in the New Year.

I wish the WNBA a successful debut for the Las Vegas Stars as they move over from San Antonio. I also hope that the Stars do not become the first of the major-league wave of teams (along with the Golden Knights and the Raiders) to be engaged in a point-shaving scandal.

I am hoping the NWSL will take a serious look at what prompted FC Kansas City to move and provide all of its investment groups inducements to remain in their cities rather than look for greener pastures elsewhere.

I hope that Danica Patrick’s last races (at least in NASCAR and IndyCar) are treated less of an exhibition and that she is given winning equipment.

I wish the best of luck to the American field hockey team for this year’s World Cup — both the indoor and the outdoor varieties.

I hope the expected move of the WNBA’s Washington Mystics from the downtown Capitol One Arena to the Gateway D.C. facility is altered by the land-office ticket sales of a contending franchise.

I hope both United Women’s Lacrosse and the Professional Women’s Lacrosse League will attain the same kind of detente that the Canadian Women’s Hockey League and the National Women’s Hockey League have.

I’m really, really hoping that Hope Solo doesn’t run the kind of insurgent campaign that could see her elected U.S. Soccer president this month.

And I hope that the NCAA, hopelessly addicted to money, can figure out a way of a cycle which has begun in which the integrity of the overall competition is being questioned.

I wish good health and happiness to my readers and I hope to see a lot of you around the playing fields of America.

Happy New Year, everyone.


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