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Jan. 8, 2018 — Averting a crisis

PARENTAL ADVISORY: If you’re a minor, you may want to be reading this with an adult.

Two days ago, this space questioned whether the beliefs of a fired assistant field hockey coach were enough to get him jettisoned from Kensington Holy Cross (Md.).

Then, a number of news sources, including Vice, got hold of Greg Conte’s Twitter feed.

Amongst what he said was this:

“[W]e’re at the critical moment. Time to devote maximum resources to the fight. Give it 3-5 years, then the AltRight can knock up every girl from here to Vladivostok.”

These are the words of a sexual predator. Conte, frankly, was one unguarded moment away from becoming the next Todd Broxmeyer or David Kennedy.

It’s a good thing that the powers-that-be at Academy of the Holy Cross decided to remove this man.