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March 3, 2018 — Florida 17, North Carolina 10

POSTGAME So, that’s all for today; thanks for tuning in

POSTGAME Now, think of this: Florida beat UNC today, UNC beat Maryland last weekend, and Maryland beat Florida on Feb. 17. What is the NCAA Tournament committee going to do with this one?

POSTGAME But that’s because Haley Hicklen, the goalie from Towson, Md., was outstanding, making 16 saves, including nine in the second half

POSTGAME Even with Marie McCool dominating on the draw circle and scoring four goals, the supporting cast did not come up with the goods like it did last against Maryland

POSTGAME It might have been expected that Florida would have taken this match, but what I did not expect was the margin of victory, and the fact that the Gators did it on the road

FULL TIME The air horn sounds, and Florida takes the game 17-10

58:30 Florida now has the ball in the attack end and is content to run clock

57:58 UNC FP McCool from the center-left, has it saved by Hicklen

57:27 UNC GOAL Marie McCool with a nifty backhand. Stylistically, it could be worth more than one point, but on the scoreboard, Carolina still trails 17-10

56:48 FLA FP Shot goes high over the top on the bounce

56:48 And just as UNC was about to survive the possession, the Heels commit a foul and put Pirreca at top dead center

56:00 Florida now in the attack end; they can simply run out 90 seconds if they want because we are in a three-possession game

55:03 UNC FP Mastroianni from the left hash, but can’t find the cage

53:19 It’s an eight-goal margin and a five-possession game; can UNC flip the script?

53:19 FLA FP Pavarelli passes out to Shayna Pirreca, and she weaves through the entire UNC defense to make the Florida advantage 17-9

52:30 UNC attacks the left wing; resulting shot stopped by Hicklen. That’s her 14th stop this afternoon

51:30 UNC GOAL McCool somehow gets wide open for an Ortega pass and she finishes. Carolina trails by seven

50:18 UNC back with the ball; what do you do here? You need a goal, but you’re also attacking 6-on 8 (with the goalie)

50:15 FLA GOAL Ronbeck, off the right wing, slings it high and the Florida lead is now 16-8 with still more than a minute on the EWO

49:32 UNC YELLOW DiVietro is now off for two minutes; the penalty is non-releaseable because it is the team’s fourth caution card

48:58 Florida with another break into the attack end; Moreno with the stop! Wow!

48:30 Carolina rushes it a bit, and the resulting shot is saved and we go back

47:58 Florida has a 3-on-2 at the attack end, shoots, but Moreno with a good save!

47:06 Though it is a seven-goal lead, this is a nine-possession game at the moment

47:06 UNC FP and GOAL Ortega from the center hash; the Gators still lead by seven

45:58 And UNC, to respond, spills the ball over the endline on a simple handling error

45:15 I was certainly not expecting this scoreline, given what I have seen from the UNC program; Florida, it seems, is just that good

45:15 FLA GOAL Sydney Pirreca with a direct run at the UNC defense, and makes the hi-lo shot; Florida leads 15-7

44:20 Carolina tries to get a bit aggressive on the attack end but Katie Hoeg bowls over her defender; Florida ball

42:56 FLA GOAL Shayna Pirreca makes UNC pay for that shot and the Gators now lead 14-7

41:56 Carolina’s Ela Hazar is freed on the cage and tries to shoot it over the goalie; Hicklen makes the stop! Wow!


40:59 UNC GOAL DiVietro with her second of the day from a move behind the cage; Florida maintains a six-goal cushion

38:39 FLA GOAL And, just like that, Florida’s Allie Pavinelli converts on the EWO; Florida leads 13-6

38:28 UNC YELLOW Jamie Ortega with her first, and I think that’s the team’s third. Next one is a nonreleaseable penalty

37:30 FLA FP and GOAL Ronbeck from top dead center and the Gators lead 12-6; Florida has been feasting on free positions today

36:05 And just like that, Florida doesn’t get off a very good shot and UNC spirits it away

35:30 Florida’s execution on the attack seems to be slowed down a bit; they can’t afford to play for the clock this early

33:27 UNC GOAL Marie McCool with a cut into the fan and finishes it; UNC comes to within five

32:34 FLA GOAL Shayna Pirreca finishes off a 2-on-1 off a long vertical pass; Florida leads 11-5

32:00 FLA FP Madi Hall from the right hash, but Moreno makes a sprawling save

31:28 FLA GOAL Madi Hall pings a long shot off a cut fro the top of the fan; Florida leads 10-5

30:31 Mastroianni turns the corner and shovels it in front; Hicklen is equal

30:00 The second half is under way

HALFTIME Shakeup in the UNC defense; Taylor Moreno, the redshirt freshman, is now in goal for the Heels

HALFTIME Carolina has great names up front not only in the senior class, but the young talent in Mastroianni and Ortega. The problem is that the Tar Heels aren’t playing the kind of defense it did against Maryland last week. There doesn’t seem to me to be a true defensive leader out there; Hennessey had just one save in the first half

HALFTIME It’s an unexpected halftime result here, but Florida is showing itself to be a truly quality side. Goalie Hicklen has been outstanding

HALFTIME The horn goes here with Florida leading 9-5

29:22 UNC GOAL Heels win the next draw, and Marisa DiVietro dumps it over the goalkeeper to bring UNC within four

28:59 FLA FP and GOAL Shayna Pirreca fires it in from the right hash! Florida leads 9-4

28:55 Trombetta thunders through the midfield like a knife through butter; UNC fouls and Pirreca is awared the ball in a dangerous position

28:42 FLA TIMEOUT And now, the Gators are going to plot what it can do with its possession. This exercise is practice for game-management at the end of the season

28:35 Maggie Bill makes an attempt which Hicklen swallows with her goal stick

28:02 UNC TIMEOUT It’s a two-possession game; what do you do here?

27:20 FLA GOAL Ronbeck receives a pass out of the stack at the top of the arc; she finishes to give the Gators a four-goal lead

26:30 UNC FP Mastroianni with a good shot, but UNC doesn’t have any backup on the endline. That’s a mental error

5:30 Sydney Pirreca draws iron!

23:58 UNC GOAL A fine Jamie Ortega quick-stick from a tight angle; credit Ela Hazar for a no-look pass; UNC trails now by three

23:07 UNC GOAL Maggie Bill with a flamethrower! It’s her first of the match pulling UNC to within four

22:13 FLA FP and GOAL Shayna Pirreca rifles a left-hander from the right-center hash and the Gators are up 7-2


21:13 FLA GOAL Madi Hall twists and runs in deep, scores from the crease! Florida leads 6-2

20:32 UNC YELLOW McCool is off for two minutes for a hard foul in the midfield; we’re now even up

20:09 FLA YELLOW Haus is off for two minutes; is this a chance for Carolina to seize momentum

19:00 Ferrucci attacks the goal and tries to shoot while falling in the crease, but the shot dribbles

17:58 UNC GOAL Olicia Ferrucci twists on the right wing, uses her defender as a screen, and delivers; Florida still leads 5-2

17:00 Florida wins the draw but the ball is checked out of Pirreca’s stick and it winds up in UNC goalie Elise Hennessey’s stick by happenstance

16:39 FLA GOAL Ronbeck with a cut across the fan and fires it in! Florida leads 5-1

14:30 UNC FP and GOAL Marie McCool pegs it high from the left hash; UNC breaks the duck but trails 4-1

13:55 Maggie Will thunders into the cage and pings it off the crossbar!


13:06 FLA GOAL Carolina Benitez gets the pass on the crease and finishes; Florida now has a four-goal lead on UNC!

11:45 UNC FP Hicklin makes the stop on the shot from top dead center! Wow!

11:23 UNC FP A hard foul in the critical scoring area, but the award is possession on the edge of the arc

9:49 Jamie Ortega, the other UNC star freshman, tries her luck and Hicklin makes the stop on the short side

8:51 Ally Mastroianni, the UNC freshman, with a long shot that Hicklin kicks away

8:15 FLA GOAL Sydney Pirreca weaves on a curve into the fan and finishes lefty; Florida takes a 3-0 lead

5:20 FLA GOAL Good quick-stick from Lindsey Ronbeck from Grace Haus at the X; Florida is up 2-0

3:01 FLA FP and GOAL Sydney Pirreca fires it over the goalie’s shoulder and Florida leads 1-0

2:40 UNC YELLOW Kara Klages sits for two minutes, although it looked like Hazar may have been guilty of the check into the sphere

1:59 UNC FP Pass out to McCool at the top of the arc, but she turns it out and the Heels keep possession

1:00 UNC FP Low-to-high shot is saved by Haley Hicklin

0:00 The game is on

PREGAME Florida is in the black with orange lettering, UNC in the white and powder blue

PREGAME UNC is going to be led by U.S. national team player Marie McCool at center, and Ela Hazar at attack. Florida will rely on Haley Hicklen in the goal cage and the Pirreca sisters in the outfield

PREGAME Both teams are 3-1 this season

PREGAME Hello, and welcome to Kenan Stadium on the campus of the University of North Carolina for this Atlantic Coast Conference matchup between North Carolina and Florida