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March 5, 2018 — A former U.S. national-teamer plans a lateral move

Barb Marois, former captain of the 1996 Olympic field hockey team, has had a successful 18-year career as the head field hockey coach at York (Maine), to the point where the team won four state championships and spun a streak of 58 straight victories.

But with her daughter Kylie Nelson-Marois entering her junior year at nearby Dover (Maine), Barb Marois has made the decision to step down from York with an eye towards joining the staff of Dover (N.H.) head coach Sarah Michaud, according to Seacoast Online.

“The opportunity to be part of my daughter’s experience and share that with her, the window of opportunity is closing for that so that is what spurred the decision,” Marois told the paper. “It was mostly opportunity and timing, knowing how much time there was left and knowing if I continued to coach at York I probably wouldn’t get to see her play.”

Hence, the change of not only venue, but a change in state. York and Dover are a mere 10 miles apart across the Piscataquis River down towards their shared border with Massachusetts.

“It was one of hardest things I had to do just knowing the decision I was making was going to be sad for them,” Marois said. “It was sad for me, but it was something I felt right about even though it hurt, too. It was very tough but the opportunity I have to be involved with my daughter and her team — that won’t be around for much longer.”