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March 14, 2018 — An apology

Your Founder has agreed to re-transmit a Twitter statement to attribute to Charlotte de Vries, a student and junior national field hockey team member who touched off an Internet firestorm last week because of her part in an Instagram Live video. Here it is:

I am deeply ashamed for using racist language, and there is no excuse for using such language in public or private. I realize that such words are offensive, uncalled for and, regardless of the situation, I should have known better. I take full responsibility and I apologize from the bottom of my heart to anyone and everyone who I have offended.

I have begun to have conversations about how to move forward, and how to develop better sensitivity and understanding of the experiences and feelings of others. I will do whatever is necessary, including having as many conversations as necessary, to show that I am sincere in my desire to truly learn and grow from this experience.

This has been a painful lesson for me. I had no right hurting people. I truly hope that my thoughtlessness is a lesson for others, as it has been for me, that words do matter and that they can be hurtful.

Charlotte de Vries

It is hoped and expected that this statement will help put this matter to rest.