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March 19, 2018 — The silence of many voices

The reality of the 500-channel universe is that sometimes, the people who help bring more and better voices to that universe are left behind when large broadcasters with corporate backers can outlast them.

Such is the case with the MHz Networks, which is a consortium of two UHF channels that pooled their digital signals and became a 12-lane superhighway for world news.

The catch-all station was MHz 1, which would broadcast a rotating selection of news from several sources. The other channels ranged from Japanese to Korean to Chinese to France 24 to Russia Today. Russia Today, France 24, and Al-Jazeera also broadcast some wonderful documentary programs showing the lives of ordinary people.

These stations were my go-to source whenever there was news of world importance, such as the Charlie Hebdo shootings and the Syrian war. You often got more in-depth coverage on the foreign networks than on the American ones.

I’m hoping that someone recognizes the appetite that people have for alternative news sources and will try to figure out a way to keep broadcasting these networks here in the U.S.