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April 2, 2018 — A resurrection of sorts

This afternoon, I was told I was going to be discharged after three days in the hospital.

I’ve been feeling somewhat better, but for some discomfort from this tube installed in my upper thigh designed to drain the area in my skin where the bacteria had grown.

My highlight of the day, symbolically, was a visit from a lay person with the hospital ministry. The gentleman was gray, balding, and appeared to be between 60 and 70 years of age, if not a bit more.

We struck up a conversation about my parents, and how Mama worked at a hospital for three decades and Papa was in the ministry for four decades, and how their vocations had informed my life to that point.

I asked him what his religious tradition was. He said his was a Universalist — not Unitarian, but the kind of person seeking good in all things. He had not been to a Unitarian-Universalist church service in some time because it had not fit him.

I understood what he meant. The changes in the Episcopal Church the last 20 or so years pained my father and has resulted in many of my brothers and sisters not going to church on a regular basis.

And this surgery was the latest thing keeping me away from services — even on Easter. At least, however, I was able to find a bit of solace on the day of my release from the tomb.