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April 26, 2018 — A change at the very top

You may have noticed a slight change in the up-to-the-minute lacrosse statistics that we keep just to the right of this column, the “Daily Statwatch: Chasing History” segment of this site.

The change is in the ultimate target that scholastic lacrosse players will be aiming for when it comes to the number of goals and the combined goals and assists in a career.

Two years ago, I did a video story on Sophia Turchetta, a senior at Harvard Bromfield School (Mass.). Now a sophomore at Dartmouth, she was putting up unbelievable numbers for Bromfield.

Now, to be fair, the National Federation is likely to recognize her for scoring 538 goals, which is the number that she scored from ninth through 12th grade. The NFHS record book did the same thing with field hockey star Chantae Miller. doesn’t believe that a varsity career, especially for players of exceptional physical maturity or ability, should be limited to just four years, so we sometimes have to include players twice on our all-time lists.

Until this week, however, we had an incomplete accounting of Turchetta’s impact on not only Bromfield, but the sport. We only had stats for Turchetta’s eighth-grade through her senior year, which was 641 goals and 143 assists.

A couple of days ago, however, the Worcester Telegram published a more complete accounting, which had her for 654 goals and 149 assists. This meant that she would have had 13 goals and six assists as a seventh-grader on varsity. That makes sense to me, so that’s why she now also has the six-year record for combined goals and assists of 803.

That’s a lot of scoring plays.

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