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May 27, 2018 — James Madison 16, Boston College 15

POSTGAME We’ll have more thoughts and notes tomorrow. Thanks for dropping in and have a good day

POSTGAME JMU’s collective effort and their seniors won the day, but you get the feeling that Boston College, with its excellent junior class as well as the imminent return of Kenzie Kent from a redshirt year. I would not be surprised if BC is voted preseason No. 1 over the offseason

POSTGAME Boston College was up a goal in the 36th minute of play when JMU senior defender Corinne Schmidt committed her second yellow-card offense of the game. Her disqualification not only took out 25 percent of the Dukes’ starting close defense, but also put BC on the power play. BC, however, paid more attention to the penalty clock than the possession clock, and had to rush a shot. JMU would score the next three goals and never lost the lead thereafter

POSTGAME Yes, there were 31 goals scored in this year’s grand final. But this game turned on a defensive sequence in the second half

FULL TIME The whistle sounds, and James Madison wins an absolute thriller, 16-15

59:40 Warden takes the draw, wins the ground ball, and runs it into the corner

59:38 BC GOAL Chandler with a quickstick of an Apuzzo pass! Wow! JMU still leads 16-15

58:59 BC wins the draw to Apuzzo, who shoots wide!

58:55 TIMEOUT BC It’s a one-possession game now, and BC needs this draw now

58:55 JMU GOAL Warden with a quickstick from Katie Kerrigan, who had to make that play with the shot clock running down! How important might this goal be? JMU leads 16-14

57:20 The Eagles win the draw, but JMU breaks out of the attack zone and makes a trail check! What a hustle play!

57:16 BC GOAL Kaileen Hart catches it on the doorstep, wide open, then finishes it; JMU leads 15-14

56:39 JMU GOAL Gaudian gets a pass from deep, drops it, then scoops it up, then shoots it over the goalie; JMU leads 15-13 after a coach’s stick check

55:53  BC FP and GOAL Taylor Walker from the left hash, runs diagonally across the fan and scores! BC’s deficit is one!

55:45 JMU on defense here, with a player advantage, but doesn’t send a double and that extra player is in the arc for too long!

54:51 BC FP and GOAL Apuzzo from the left hash, but JMU leads BC 14-12

54:31 The yellow doesn’t deter BC from double-teaming the ball carrier, and creating the turnover

54:29 BC YELLOW Hannah Hyatt with her first yellow, team first. But the card isn’t what you want at this juncture of the game

54:03 TIMEOUT JMU It’s taken some time for JMU to try to figure out the BC pressure scheme in the midfield; can the Dukes break the ride here?

53:48 Apuzzo with the jump shot, but Dougherty with a key save

52:58 TIMEOUT BC It’s a five-possession game now, but plenty of time to cut into a three-goal deficit

52:58 JMU GOAL Warden makes a Y-dodge and improves her angle, scoring against Daley; James Madison leads 14-11

52:19 JMU FP Warden on the right hash; she could have held onto it, but she faked out the entire BC defense and went in on goal; Daley had to make a low save

52:00 Dukes pull it way out; looks almost like a stall-to-score

51:45 Ill-advised pass into a slide and JMU comes up with the turnover

50:17 Apuzzo wins the next draw; they need to re-seize momentum and make a run


50:13 JMU GOAL Haley Warden starts from behind the goal-line extended, and beats her defender to the crease, scoring with the right hand; JMU leads 13-11

49:01 BC GOAL Arsenault with the catch of the Apuzzo pass, and her shot deflects off a JMU stick past Dougherty; JMU still leads 12-11; that’s the Eagles’ first goal in about 15 minutes

45:04 And JMU wins the next draw, despite the fact that BC has been dominating in the draw circle this game


45:02 JMU GOAL Gaudian finds the groundball off a teammate’s check, and finds net! JMU leads 12-10

43:50 BC causes a turnover on the ride, but blows a 3-on-1 situation with an ill-advised pass across and away from goal

43:30 BC works it around, but JMU survives with the interception


42:39 JMU GOAL Romesburg, who has been having a very good game, uses speed and cunning to run the crease and score; JMU leads 11-10

39:05 BC GREEN James Madison commits a third foul on their ride; a rule borrowed from water polo where there is a penalty for persistent infringement, and now the Dukes get a one-minute advantage

37:51 JMU GOAL Boston College tries to double-team behind the goal cage, and McDaniel cuts right down the middle to shoot high over Daley; We are tied 10-10! What a game!

36:54 On the man-up situation, Boston College seems to be paying more attention to the penalty clock than the possession clock, and has to rush a pass in the attack end, turns it over. That could be very important later on

35:34 JMU YELLOW Schmidt with a check over the shoulder; her second, team second. Schmidt is now out of the game, and Madison is down a player for two minutes

35:15 BC FP Chandler has a good look from one of the center hashes but chooses to pull it out

35:11 JMU GOAL Haven with an open shot from up top; BC still leads 10-9

33:28 BC FP and GOAL Chandler, from the left hash, scores over Dougherty and the Eagles lead 10-8

32:28 BC GOAL A three-way pass play to Emma Schurr on the crease finds net! BC leads 9-8

30:00 The second half is under way

HALFTIME Defensively, James Madison has had to work a bit harder, but has found success on the left-wing side of the Boston College defense; BC’s attack has found all sorts of holes in the JMU zone through precision passing that would not have been possible in the mulberry-stick era of the game

HALFTIME As is so often the case in major championship and playoff games, this is a game of runs

HALFTIME The horn sounds, and we are tied 8-8 at the half

29:52 BC tries to work it in for the halftime lead, but JMU intercepts it! What a play!

29:10 BC GOAL Walker a beneficiary of a three-way passing play, and she finishes even while being closely marked! Game tied 8-8

27:05 BC GOAL Apuzzo, so often the provider this half, catches a pass from the right wing and scores to bring it to within 8-7

26:03 JMU GOAL Haley Warden attacks that left side again, and finds net! JMU leads 8-6

25:18 BC GOAL Tess Chandler with a high quickstick of a Sam Apuzzo feed; that seems to be out of the Laura Merrifield or Tori Wellington school of high catches; Dukes still lead 7-6

24:15 Madison works the ball around but perhaps shoots a bit too early without allowing the BC defense to open up a little more; Daly with the save

21:47 JMU GOAL Gaudian, even while being face-guarded, gets the ball and a sliver of space to score; JMU leads 7-5


20:17 JMU GOAL Romesburg weaves through two defenders and finishes on the left wing; JMU leads 6-5

18:37 JMU GOAL Elena Romesburg catches the Kristen Gaudian pass and shoots high over Daley; game tied 5-5

16:49 TIMEOUT, JMU James Madison is leaving tremendous holes in their zone for BC’s pass-and-cut attack. If the Eagles keep this up, it could be all but over very soon. This is a four-goal run

16:49 BC GOAL Tremendous cut by Tess Chandler for the goal; BC leads 5-4

16:07 JMU YELLOW Corinne Schmidt is off for two minutes for the crosse-check; her first, team first

15:49 Boston College with all the momentum here

15:49 BC COAL Urbank catches Apuzzo’s pass while being left unmarked on the top of the crease; she finishes to level the match at 4-4

15:01 BC GOAL Walker with a precision pass to Sam Apuzzo in space on the crease, who finishes. JMU still leads 4-3

14:15 BC FP and GOAL Taylor Walker zip to the cage and backhands it into the corner! Wow! JMU still leads 4-2

12:30 BC finds a wide-open lane to goal through that zone and a tremendous trail check to send it back towards the JMU goal

11:30 Haven hits the post with the shot! Ball pings about 40 yards out; that’s how much the offset stick has changed the game


10:25 JMU GOAL Morgan Hardt dunks it over the goalie from the left wing and JMU leads 4-1

9:15 BC FP Cara Urbank from the center-left, Dougherty with the save!

8:23 JMU GOAL Morgan Hart fakes a move to the office, finds a wide-open route to the crease, and finishes! JMU leads 3-1

7:55 BC GOAL Arsenault is left wide open in the fan, and Scherr finds her for the righty finish! JMU still leads 2-1

4:56 BC FP Ball taken from the right hash, run down to the left of the crease, but Dougherty stands tall and makes the save!

4:25 JMU GOAL Haven makes another dodge from the top, runs down to the elbow, and with a lefty finish, gives JMU a 2-0 lead

3:40 BC with the pass to the crease but Dougherty makes the save for the Dukes!

2:30 Boston College now goes up against JMU’s backer zone for the first time

1:17 JMU GOAL Hannah Haven with the left-hand shot from a dodge from up top against BC’s man defense and the Dukes lead 1-0

0:30 Boston College wins the ground ball pickup on the opening draw, but a teammate entered the neutral zone, so JMU has the ball

0:00 The game is on

PREGAME James Madison is wearing the white uniforms with purple numbers and trim, while Boston College is wearing the maroon with gold numbers and white trim

PREGAME The teams are warming up under cloudy and rainy skies, temperatures around 64 degrees

PREGAME I believe James Madison’s defense has the easier job: cut the cord between Apuzzo and Arsenault. Boston College will be facing a JMU attack which, while led by Gaudian, can get goal shots from all seven of its attackers

PREGAME JMU’s defense was able to survive the best of UNC’s Marie McCool, Ela Hazar, and Maggie Bill, while Boston College was able to shut off Megan Whittle of Maryland and also caused a number of unforced turnovers in the midfield

PREGAME Watch how Rebecca Tooker, Caroline Sdanowich, Emma Johnson, and Corinne Schmidt play well together for James Madison, and how Brooke Troy, Christina Walsh, Carly Bell, and Hannah Hyatt work together for Boston College

PREGAME But as much as the the eyes of America will be on Gaudian and Apuzzo on offense, the story of this game will be the defenses

PREGAME This is a game featuring plenty of star power, with JMU being led by Tewaaraton finalist Kristen Gaudian, and BC having Tewaaraton finalist Sam Apuzzo and her running mate Dempsey Arsenault

PREGAME James Madison’s women’s lacrosse team has a 50-year history, while Boston College’s program is in its 26th year

PREGAME It was thought that perhaps one of the newer programs from a non-traditional area, such as Florida, Colorado, or Southern Cal might have broken through first, but instead it’s one of these two sides

PREGAME This is a game of transition in terms of the shift of power in the women’s lacrosse world. This year, for the first time since Harvard won the title in 1990, the title will be won by a team other than North Carolina, Princeton, Virginia, Maryland, and Northwestern — the G5 of women’s lacrosse

PREGAME Boston College makes its second straight NCAA final after losing 16-13 in last year’s contest. James Madison has won its way into its first NCAA title match after making it to the Final Four for the first time since 2000

PREGAME Boston College, the runner-up in the ACC Tournament, is 22-1 this year. James Madison, the champion of the Colonial Athletic Association, is 21-1

PREGAME Hello, and welcome to Lavalle Stadium in Stony Brook, N.Y. for the 37th NCAA Division I championship final featuring the Eagles of Boston College and the Dukes of James Madison University