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May 28, 2018 — Gettysburg 11, Middlebury 9

FULL TIME That’s all for now; have a great day

FULL TIME Full credit to Gettysburg’s team defense in this match; Bailey Pilder had a good game in goal, and Steph Colson was able to bring a national championship to the Colson household for the second straight season, something her sister Lizzie, the Maryland defender, could not do this past weekend

FULL TIME The horn sounds, and Gettysburg wins its second straight national championship

59:25 MIDDLEBURY YELLOW The shot clock is now turned off

59:55 Smart move by Gettysburg, keeping the ball outside of the critical scoring area so that the clock keeps running after any common foul

58:50 TIMEOUT, GETTYSBURG This is Carol Cantele setting up the stall; the Bullets do not need another goal or even another shot if they can hold the ball for another minute or so. Middlebury needs an early steal in order to have any chance to make up this two-goal deficit

58:25 Middlebury is called offside, and now the clock resets. Not what you want if you are chasing the game

58:05 Middlebury with not the best shot in the world; Pilder makes a play on the ball on defense

57:28 Ball down and Middlebury gets it; the Bullets did not get a single shot out of this possession

55:55 Colson wins the ball on the draw for Gettysburg; the Bullets now run their offense, but not in the full stall mode; the Bullets should try for a goal here

55:51 MID FP Kirsten Murphy curls in and uses her defender as a bit of a screen, and scores it! Gettysburg 11, Middlebury 9, and it is now a three-possession game

55:20 MID FP McDonagh shoots from top dead center, and Pilder makes the stop! Wow!

54:18 GET FP Ball on the island hash on the left, but the Bullets pull it out and choose not to shoot

53:13 MID GOAL McDonagh slices into the fan and finishes! Two goals in 15 seconds! The Middlebury deficit is now three

52:58 MID GOAL McDonagh gets open in the fan and rolls it into the goal; Gettysburg still leads 11-7

52:15 Middlebury’s defense takes advantage of some insouciant play on the part of Gettysburg, who could have held the ball in this situation, since it is now a six-possession game with a five-goal margin

52:00 Ball down, and Gettysburg’s defense gets it forward; Middlebury has scored exactly once this half

51:23 MID FP Ball is on the right island hash, and the carrier passes the ball out towards the office

51:00 Willis gets to Colson’s pass on the crease, but is double-teamed and the ball is down; Middlebury ball

50:00 Gettysburg enters the attack zone and is running a stall-to-score


46:43 GET GOAL Liza Barr from the left wing, ducks past a defender and finishes! It’s a power-play goal! Gettysburg leads 11-6

45:34 GET FP Cole elects to pull it out, even with an open shot from the center hash

45:34 MIDDLEBURY YELLOW Perticone off for two minutes for the check to the head

45:32 GET FP Cole is at the center-left hash, and she is hit high!

44:21 GET GOAL Barr shoots across the her body to the opposite post! It is her fourth of the match, and the Bullets lead 10-6

43:00 Pilder with another save for Gettysburg! Interestingly, she has the best save percentage of any eligible goalie in the three NCAA divisions, over 60 percent


42:02 GET FP and GOAL Willis on the right hash, and hits the top corner! Gettysburg leads 9-6

40:44 MID GOAL Georgia Carroll cuts at the crease and shoots it over the goalie; Gettysburg still leads 8-6

38:04 GET FP Lauren Cole from the left hash, makes a hi-lo fake, and finishes! Gettysburg takes an 8-5 lead

37:14 GET GOAL Colson finds Katie Willis in the final third, and finishes just inside the post! Gettysburg leads 7-5

36:42 GET FP Katie Willis on the right hash, but passes it out, whereupon the ball is dropped and Middlebury is awarded the ball

35:00 Kate Farber with another stop for Middlebury; she and Bailey Pilder are playing a version of “Can You Top This?”

34:00 Both sides trying their opposing defenses, and the goalies have made the stops; it’s as if though the attacks are trying a bit too hard to get the perfect shot

30:00 The second half is under way

HALFTIME A big battle has been brewing in the midfield, but it’s not on the draw.Instead, it’s the battle for the ground balls after the draw. Steph Colson for Gettysburg and Hollis Perticone for Middlebury have been having a go on every draw

HALFTIME Like yesterday, I think the offense which finds the answer first is going to be the team that wins the championship; both teams have been playing well on defense, from the goal out

HALFTIME Middlebury has changed defenses several times over the course of the half, as you might expect from Kate Livesay, a disciple of Missy Foote. But Carol Cantele, remember, was on the U.S. coaching staff for the FIL World Cup last year, and knows a thing or two about stopping opposing players and tactics

HALFTIME The whistle goes, and the sides go to the locker room with the Bullets leading 6-5

28:40 Middlebury wins the draw and will likely hold for the final shot as the possession clock is turned off

28:32 GET GOAL Liza Barr with a superb cut and finishes! It’s a power-play goal! Gettysburg leads 6-5

27:39 MID FP Welsh pulls it out; no need to waste the EMO even with an open shot

27:39 MID YELLOW Evie Keating is off for two minutes for the cross check


21:41 GET FP Barr on the right-center hash, but pulls it out

20:29 MID GOAL Kirsten Murphy gets the close-in shot, steps in the crease, but the goal counts as the game is tied 5-5

15:37 MID FP Shot from the right hash is saved by Bailey Pilder; follow-up shot is also stopped!

14:18 MID GOAL O’Neill with the cut into the circle, frees her right side, and finishes; Gettysburg leads 5-4

13:47 GET GOAL Courtney Patterson weaves through the Middlebury defense and the Bullets now lead 5-3


11:53 GET GOAL Kerry McKeever runs an iso from the left goal line extended, beats her defender, and scores! Gettysburg leads 4-3

10:00 MID GOAL A three-way pass play finds Kate Zecca on the crease, who finishes! It’s a power-play goal! Game tied 3-3

9:17 GET YELLOW Colson with the yellow card for a dangerous shot; will be difficult for her the rest of the game with such an early caution

7:01 GET FP AND GOAL Steph Colson from the right hashmark, hits the bouncer that goes in; Gettysburg leads 3-2

5:48 GET FP and GOAL A nice pass play from Maggie McClain on the right hash finds Barr on the crease and the game is tied 2-2

5:15 MID FP and  GOAL Casey O’Neill ducks in through the picket fence and scores on the far side; Middlebury takes a 2-1 lead

3:43 MID GOAL Emma McDonagh weaves through two defenders and stuffs it over the goalie as the game is tied 1-1

2:14 GET GOAL Liza Barr with the shovel shot on the crease, and the Bullets lead 1-0! It’s a power-play goal!

1:45 MID GREEN With Middlebury in possession, a violation is detected by the table official — likely the Panthers are being called for too many players on the field. It’s a turnover and a power-play for Gettysburg

1:36 GET FP Katie Willis from the left hash, bounces it wide of the post

0:00 The game is on

PREGAME Middlebury is in the blue with white numbers, and Gettysburg with the all-white with navy numbers

PREGAME Middlebury is 20-2, and has won the Division III title on six occasions; Gettysburg is also 20-2 and is the defending national champion

PREGAME Welcome to Kerr Stadium on the campus of Roanoke College, where the postponed Division III final will be taking place today between the Middlebury Panthers and the Gettysburg Bullets

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