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June 7, 2018 — A double loss

This morning, I lost a pair of female friends to cancer.

One worked in my building directing a program on marine life. The other was an organizer and co-producer of material designed to preserve a long-abandoned series of buildings near our nation’s capital that had plenty of architectural merit.

Both worked hard at their craft, and with varying degrees of success. My marine life friend was able to leverage private funding to launch a 30-year program to study a particularly vulnerable part of the ocean, and has been able to maintain the program even through various staff cuts throughout our organization.

My preservationist friend was able to ensure the preservation of a large three-story vintage ballroom across the street from her house, but with somewhat of a Pyhrric cost. The developers of the space did not take into account the full potential of the space, and built dwellings abutting the structure that make any public event in the ballroom problematic when it comes to music and noise. In other words, it’s still a nice structure, but there are now very few opportunities to use it for its original purpose.

As much as our country sensationalizes things like terrorism and mass shootings, it still needs to be pointed out that cancer kills far more people per annum than either. It is a disease that is sometimes random, sometimes predictable (given lifestyle choices), and sometime vindictive. One can seemingly shrink tumors with aggressive treatment only to see them come back weeks later at twice the size.

Most of us have lost too many good people to cancer.

And I wish it would stop.

A cure would be nice.