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June 18, 2018 — Midweek isn’t the same anymore

Last weekend, two hip-hop albums from Jay-Z and wife Beyonce, and Kanye West were made available for public consumption through digital streaming.

In days gone by, when enormous albums like this were released, they would be publicized so that fans would come to a record store, usually on a Tuesday or Thursday, in order to buy it in whatever format you wanted — record, cassette, compact disc.

But have you noticed that there aren’t many places to buy physical copies of music collections anymore? That’s a little distressing to me.

I’m very much a CD guy, especially when it comes to some of my favorite local artists. To get by, they sell compact discs at gig in order to break even.

And even in an era of digital distribution, YouTube, and reality television, it is getting harder and harder to break into the music business. I have been following the career of a young woman from Texas who I heard on the radio once, and she had a voice of such clarity that I had to pull over and turn off the engine so I could hear the song better.

She released a debut album in 2010, but hasn’t played many shows since the start of 2016. I’m hoping she is not in a creative lull; she decided to try to start her own band after starting out as a solo country/blues singer and songwriter, but there hasn’t been much from an album standpoint.

I just hope that the music industry has a revival so that artists are able to receive a fair wage for their work, and that good singers aren’t marginalized in favor of songwriters. Funny how that works nowadays, no?