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June 25, 2018 — Is it open season on girls’ scholastic lacrosse coaches?

The 2018 scholastic lacrosse season is going to be known for the end of Owings Mills McDonogh’s (Md.) 198-game win streak.

But in a long-term sense, I think it could also be known for the number of coaches who have either left, resigned, or fired under other-than-transparent circumstances.

The latest is a coach who brought her team to the New York Class B state championship barely three weeks ago, Danielle Gallagher of Manhasset (N.Y.). Manhasset, for much of the last few weeks, has been regarded as the best public-school team in America.

The former U.S. women’s national team member, despite her success on the pitch, has been told by her school district that her services are no longer required.

Which, of course, is mind-bogglingly stupid.

It is not, however, unprecedented. The same happened to Burnt Hills-Ballston Lake (N.Y.) coach Jake McHerron last month, just before his team embarked on a state playoff run.

In both instances, the district and school board have thrown up barriers to media and others inquiring as to the reasons for the firings, as if they are trying to cover up after themselves.

Moves like this, to me, are highly suspect. They are violations of the Third Law of Lacrosse: “Players play, coaches coach, officials officiate, and administrators administer. Any deviation from these roles is a violation of good order within the sport.”

It makes me wonder who within the school districts in question believes that they are better coaches than the incumbent.

After all, the firing of a successful coach does send a message: perhaps you don’t want to coach there.