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Aug. 1, 2018 — A new (and old) look

It’s the opening month of the domestic field hockey season, when training camps open and the traditional event to start the season, the Apple Tournament, gets underway in Louisville. By the end of August, NCAA teams will be playing meaningful matches.

Our site reflects the bi-yearly changeover from lacrosse to field hockey, and we’re also changing our look a little bit. Rather than do a monthly change in our header like a magazine, we’re keeping a more static header.

In that header is some information with which you might not be familiar. There are seven ways to get your field hockey and lacrosse news, including our one-minute TopOfTheCircle Unfiltered commentaries on Instagram.

You will also notice a new Web address, This URL takes you to a feed from the blog directly to your mobile phone or tablet. You only have to type in nine characters to access it, and the feed is very quick to load. It’s designed for on-the-go connectivity, so if you need to see other items such as Daily Statwatch or The Rebel Project, you can find them on the regular site.

We’re still working on the kinks to this, because it seems like some mobile Web browsers will redirect you to a different site rather than the feed. We hope to have these issues squared away soon.

In addition, we’re looking to update our connectivity between our various presences; there’s no reason why, for example, our Instagram videos should’t wind up on YouTube automatically, and no reason why you shouldn’t get a Twitter and Facebook note as well.

So, it’s going to be an interesting opening month to an interesting domestic field hockey season, especially as everyone looks inward to what happened at the FIH Women’s World Cup and gets prepared for the Hockey Pro League beginning next winter.