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Aug. 25, 2018 — The (uneven) return of the FIH shootout

This afternoon, the four teams scrimmaging at Hummelstown Lower Dauphin (Pa.) gathered on the floor of Kreiser-Hallman Field on either side of the 50-yard stripe.

After playing some 11-a-side and 7-on-7 overtime simulation, it was time for something new.

More and more states are now adopting the FIH tiebreaker — the 1-on-1 shootout from the 25 — for this season. Chief amongst the adoptees this year are the Pennsylvania Interscholastic Athletic Association and the Maryland Public Secondary Schools Athletic Association.

As many of the players on the four teams in this group of friendlies — Lower Dauphin, Harrisburg Central Dauphin (Pa.), Virginia Beach First Colonial (Va.), and Millersville Penn Manor (Pa.) — have experience playing club hockey under FIH rules, the transition away from penalty strokes appeared to be simple for the attackers.

I also saw something interesting when it comes to the administration of the shootout. On either side of the pitch, behind the goals, one umpire stood with the stopwatch for that particular goal.

On the other umpire’s whistle, the timer would let the clock run down concentrating on watching the clock while turning away from the action so as not to be distracted. I hadn’t thought of that, and it seems to me to be a good idea.