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Sept. 2, 2018 — LIVEBLOGGING Duke vs. Maryland

POSTGAME Thanks for tuning in today; good day and good hockey

POSTGAME Maryland showed a lot of magic with its goals, including a mean dragflicking game. Duke, however, got points from its star players and could have won the game with a bit of luck

POSTGAME Maryland and Duke have put on memorable matches as ACC rivals, and even with these two sides in different conferences, the intensity and competitiveness remain

FULL TIME The horn sounds with Maryland beating Duke 4-3

69:30 Maryland takes it to the corner flag

68:49 DUKE YELLOW Margaux Paolino is off for five; not what you want at this juncture

66:37 The answer is “yes.”

66:37 Timeout, Duke. Is this where Duke pulls the goalie for an 11th outfielder?

64:10 DU GOAL And right back at the other end, it is Lily Posternak bringing Duke within one

63:00 UMD PC Dragflick by Nike Lorenz finds net! Maryland is now up 4-2

58:16 DU GOAL Good skill work in the final third leads to a simple tap in by Olivia Sahaydak; Maryland leads 3-2

56:30 UMD PC Insert is flubbed

55:06 UMD GOAL A sliced backhander by Melissa Wilken finds net! Maryland up 3-1

53:54 A collision in the goalmouth fells Maryland goalie Sarah Holliday. After a checkover by the training staff, she rejoins the contest

52:20 Maryland’s Julie Duncan latches onto a diagonal and deflects it; Steele handles and clears

50:45 Rose Tynan with a spectacular backhand effort for Duke; Holliday is equal

44:54 DU PS The stroke is put in by Haley Schleicher, and Maryland’s lead is halved to 2-1

44:00 DU PC Flick is saved, but it also hits off a Maryland body on the goal line; a stroke is called

33:39 DU GREEN Lexi Davidson is off for two minutes

35:00 The second half is under way

HALFTIME Two quick goals in the opening minutes are the difference in this match; the teams have pretty much neutralized each other in the center of the park

HALFTIME The horn sounds with Maryland leading 2-0

34:00 Last minute of the first half and the teams are having trouble generating goal shots

23:00 The teams are pretty much playing conservative ball-possession hockey in the midfield

16:30 DU PC An option left is saved by goalie Sarah Holliday

15:24 UMD PC and GOAL A spectacular low drag flick by Bodil Keus finds the corner and The Terrapins lead 2-0

13:31 UMD GOAL A shot from a deep angle on the left finds net! Maryland leads 1-0

12:00 DU PC The shot hits a Maryland player and goes over the end line for a long hit

11:00 DU PC Shot is saved by a Maryland player obstructs; will rerack

7:00 UMD PC Shot saved by goalie Sammi Steele, rebound is cleared!

3:00 Duke’s Erin Scherrer is on a 2-on-1 deep into the circle: tries to feed an open Caroline Andretta but fumbles over the end line

0:00 The game is on

PREGAME Maryland is wearing the red uniforms with a side panel with a color pattern reminiscent of the Maryland flag, while Duke is in the white tops with blue numbers and kilts

PREGAME The teams are warming up under clear skies, temperatures around 85 degrees

PREGAME Maryland has talent up and down its lineup, including Nike Lorenz and Bodil Keus. Getting them to play well together is the key to the team’s success

PREGAME Duke is a team that has a number of players who have scored more than 50 goals in a high-school season, including Haley Schleicher, Olivia Sahaydak, Leah Crouse, and Caroline Andretta. The Blue Devils’ defense, I think, will determine their fate this season

PREGAME Maryland is ranked No. 3 in the latest poll, and are 4-0 this season. No. 4 Duke is 3-0 this season

PREGAME Hello, and welcome to The Field Hockey and Lacrosse Complex at the University of Maryland for this ACC/Big Ten Challenge match between Duke and Maryland

Sept. 2, 2018 — The final chapter?

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