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Nov. 10, 2018 — Gloucester (Va.) 2, Glen Allen Deep Run (Va.) 1, 2 OT

FULL TIME Deep Run played an extraordinary contest and should be lauded for logging almost three full games’ worth of play in about 27 hours

80:09 GHS PC and GOAL After an option left, H.P. Johnson flips it past three sticks and scores! What a game! Gloucester wins 2-1

7:00 GHS PC Option-left is blocked!

75:40 Gloucester gets a chance and flips it wide

75:00 We start double overtime

END 1ST OT We switch ends with the score tied 1-1. Remember: Deep Run has to go double-overtime yesterday

73:20 Deep Run with a green card for an elbow; an enormous call to give Gloucester a player advantage

70:30 Deep Run with a turnover from their free out, and Gloucester with numbers! Ends with an unlucky foot

66:00 Good bit of skill puts Gloucester on goal, but the ball dribbles wide

60:00 And we’re on with extra time

FULL TIME We’ll play up to two 15-minutes of 7-on-7, next goal wins

FULL TIME We are tied 1-1 and headed to overtime!

58:45 DRHS PC Two long shots defensed!

54:10 GHS PC Low insert back to the inserter leads to a shot wide””!

53:45 GHS PC Foot on Deep Run; will rerack

53:00 GHS Option right and a return pass ends with a hard tackle at the top of the circle; no breakdown foul? Will rerack

51:34 Timeout, Deep Run

50:00 GHS PC Shot misses again; the Dukes can’t afford to waste these chances

48:40 GHS PC Shot goes wide!

46:50 GHS PC Option left is saved with a juicy rebound, but nobody home

45:00 DRHS PC Deep Run thinks it has the lead but a backhand shot is ruled out for danger. It appeared to be the second shot on the corner but I did not have the angle to see whether that first attempt on goals was from outside the line

33:00 DRHS GOAL A turnover right in the goalmouth leads to the easiest tip-in Maddie Ewald May ever get; game tied 1-1

HALFTIME Gloucester has had the better of the proceedings and are making Deep Run chase the game

HALFTIME The horn sounds with Gloucester holding a 1-0 lead

28:30 A neat passing play leads to an open shot at the doorstep, but the ball is high and wide

27:30 GHS PC An Option left leads to an unlucky foot

24:54 GHS PC and GOAL Long shot from Ainsley Miller tipped in from the unmarked inserter Talley Vaughn and the Dukes take a 1-0 lead

24:08 Timeout, Deep Run

21:30 DRHS PC Shot goes wide right, again

19:00 A stack of bodies in the Deep Run goalmouth; how did that not go in for Gloucester?

16:00 DRHS PC 1-up is well wide

13:40 GHS PC Long shot tipped wide!

12:15 GHS PC A three-way pass play fizzles

11:00 GHS PC Shot hits the side of the cage

9:30 GHS PC Hi-lo the right is sniffed out

8:00 GHS PC Shot is blocked

0:00 The game is on

PREGAME Deep Run is in the royal blue uniforms with white numbers, Gloucester is in the white tops with red numbers and kilts

PREGAME The teams are warming up under a cold breeze with temperatures around 45

PREGAME  And one of those times was because of Gloucester, who beat Deep Run for the 2015 title in 5A thanks to senior Cassidy Goodwin, now at William & Mary. The Dukes have conceded a grand total of four goals this year, scoring 158

PREGAME Deep Run is a relatively new school, having graduated its first class in 2005. The school is undefeated against public schools this season, having only lost to Richmond St. Catherine’s (Va.) and Richmond Collegiate (Va.). The Wildcats have made two VHSL championship games in field hockey, but have yet to win

PREGAME Gloucester is 21-0 this season, Deep Run is 18-2

PREGAME Back now at South County, where we’re preparing for the Class 5A game between the Gloucester Dukes and the Deep Run Wildcats

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