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Nov. 17, 2018 — Hershey (Pa.) 2, Hummelstown Lower Dauphin (Pa.) 1, OT

POSTGAME Thanks for following along; we will see you on Facebook Live tomorrow

POSTGAME It is what you might expect with two true rivals located four miles apart along Route 322

POSTGAME It was a very even contest, one which saw Kit Olmstead make the key save in the final minutes, but a key yellow card in overtime put Lower Dauphin a player down, and it took less than two minutes for Hershey to shake a player free in the circle

64:37 HERSHEY GOAL Apparently, quite a bit. Kalie Obenstine with the game-winner! Wow! Hershey wins its first PIAA field hockey title 2-1

63:10 Yellow card, Lower Dauphin: Emma O’Neill off for five; how much of a difference will this make in the outcome?

62:16 LDPC Domovich shoots and Olmstead says no

60:00 We are on with extra time

FULL TIME We will have overtime again! Next goal wins!

FULL TIME At the end of regulation, it is 1-1 between these two Mid-Penn Keystone sides

57:33 LDPS Olmstead with the save on Hunter! We play on!

57:30 LDPC A stroke is called on the round-the-horn play; it was the denial of an obvious goal-scoring opportunity with the fouled player having a clear lane to goal

56:40 LDPC Hunter puts it into the mixer; sent away by the Hershey defense

55:20 HPC Sofia Pendolino with the defensive takeaway

54:55 HPC Zimmer tackled; will rerack

52:00 LDPC Olmstead makes two smart saves

50:42 LDPC and GOAL A third effort by Katie Sparks sends the ball over the goal line! Game tied 1-1

50:00 LDPC Lauren Hunter’s shot is raised by the Hershey defense; will rerack

49:20 LDPC Domovich defensed by Zimmer

48:46 LDPC Domovich with the blast; Kit Olmstead says no

48:46 Timeout, Lower Dauphin

41:40 HERSHEY GOAL Zimmer with a neat pass to Held, who slots it home from an angle! Trojans lead 1-0

40:20 HPC Hi-lo to a cutter and the shot is blocked

38:35 Green card, Hershey: Kailey Obenstine off for the push

37:33 Timeout, Hershey

35:45 HPC Zimmer shoots but dangerously

33:40 Domovich blasts wide

30:00 The second half is under way

HALFTIME Lower Dauphin and Hershey have had their chances, but only on corners. Zimmer and Domovich are the likeliest to score but their opposing defenses have held

HALFTIME The sides are goalless at the half

25:30 LDPC Wally corner is a pass down low to Sienna Pegram, and the pass is cut out

22:20 LDPC Domovich defensed by Zimmer!

21:10 LDPC Audrey Domovich’s cannon is wide!

17:30 HPC Ashley Arnold runs a hi-lo to the inserter but the pass misses

15:14 Timeout, Lower Dauphin

11:15 HPC Shot saved by LD goalie Brandelynn Heinbaugh

8:15 HPC Maddie Zimmer’s shot is defensed but rolls pass the goalkeeper! Heads-up play by the Lower Dauphin defense to clear!

6:00 Play is in between the 25s

0:00 The game is on

PREGAME Lower Dauphin is in the royal blue with white letters, while Hershey is in the white with orange and black letters

PREGAME It’s gotten a bit colder, with the temperatures dipping down to 41

PREGAME Hershey, for its part, has never won a PIAA field hockey title. They have come close on a number of occasions, but this may be the Trojans’ best chance ever. Bri (Davies) Price won a state championship as a player at Palmyra in 2005 as the main provider for teammate Kelly Fitzpatrick’s 66 goals

PREGAME Lower Dauphin has won the state championship on six previous occasions, but has not won since 2013. The Falcons beat last year’s Virginia Class 6A champions, First Colonial, in a preseason friendly, beat PIAA Class A winner Millerstown Greenwood (Pa.) in the Falcon Classic, and beat Millersville Penn Manor (Pa.) in the District 3 final a scant two weeks ago

PREGAME This is a Route 322 derby match, as the two schools are a scant four miles apart along Governor Road

PREGAME Lower Dauphin is 22-1-1 on the season, Hershey is 18-4-1. These two sides are rivals from the Keystone Division of the Mid-Penn Conference, a division that Hershey won

PREGAME Back now at Whitehall for the final game of the day, the Class AAA final between Hershey (Pa.) and Hummelstown Lower Dauphin (Pa.)

Nov. 17, 2018 — Mount Joy Donegal (Pa.) 1, Palmyra (Pa.) 0, OT

POSTGAME Back in a few minutes with the 3A final

POSTGAME I’ll link to a video of that golazo because words fail to describe what is sure to be a legendary goal in the annals of PIAA and NFHS play. This is the single most amazing walkoff goal we have seen in 25 years of covering this sport

POSTGAME That is Allessie’s 124th goal of the season, 351st career, and few have been more important than this one

68:59 DONEGAL GOAL Like a cavalier riding in on a stallion, Mackenzie Allessie gallops majestically from the defensive third into the attack zone, controlling the ball with one hand, pulling the ball through three defenders, dribbling around the goalkeeper and then slotting it home! Golazo! Indians win 1-0 in an absolute classic!

68:45 PPC Shot stopped by the Donegal defense

66:45 PPC Low shot eaten up by Johns

66:00 PPC Shot saved by Johns!

65:00 PPC Wadas’ shot tipped wide!

62:00 DPC Allessie shoots; Emma Miller tips it just wide!

60:00 And we are on with extra time

FULL TIME We will now play up to two 15-minute periods of golden-goal overtime

FULL TIME The end of regulation sees the sides goalless

59:03 Timeout, Donegal

56:40 Allessie gains the zone and aims a cross that is deflected; fine save by Byrd

55:34 Timeout, Palmyra

53:49 DPC Allessie tries a backhand but the receiver is called for stick obstruction

51:44 Allessie tests the left wing; Wadas tackles and clears!

48:00 Allessie generates a shot which is saved; rebound saved as well!

43:30 DPC Pass to Saunders is raised and called for danger

43:30 Timeout, Donegal

35:00 PPC Wadas’ shot is whistled for being dangerous

30:00 The second half is under way with Palmyra up a player

HALFTIME Both Wadas and Allessie have had their chances, but the defenses and goalkeepers have held

HALFTIME The half ends with the sides goalless

29:52 PPC Wadas misses the trap; half ends

29:03 Yellow card, Donegal; Kiera Baughman is off for five

28:00 DPC Lily Saunders and Allessie with shots; Ashton Byrd says no

19:08 Allessie puts a dipping drive into the cage from the edge of the circle; goal waved off for being outside the circle

16:40 PPC Wadas slams an angled drive that is raised for danger

14:00 PPC Ends on a Palmyra foot

13:15 PPC Sticked away; will re-rack

6:20 DPC Allessie dispossessed by Lauren Wadas!

5:30 DPC Allessie tries the left side and it is tipped over the end line; free-in for Donegal

4:10 DPC Backhander is called back for danger

3:35 DPC Allessie tries to dribble through a double-team and is fouled; will re-rack

2:45 DPC Shot tipped wide by the Palmyra defense; a free-in the result

0:00 The game is on

PREGAME Donegal is in the black with green kilts; Palmyra is the white tops with black kilts

PREGAME The teams are warming up in the dusk, temperatures have dropped to around 43

PREGAME These two sides met a scant two weeks ago in the PIAA District 3 final with Donegal beating Palmyra 3-0

PREGAME Both Donegal and Palmyra have won state championships before. Palmyra’s Kent Harshman is looking for his first state title as coach, while Jessica Shellenberger is looking for her second — and last — state championship, as she is leaving coaching after this year

PREGAME The dominant figure in this game — as has been the case the last three years — is Donegal senior attacking midfielder Mackenzie Allessie. Over her four-year career, she has scored or assisted on 486 goals for Donegal. She is the all-time NFHS leading scorer with 350 goals, and has scored a whopping 123 times this season. These are almost Fuchsian records which may not be approached for decades

PREGAME Donegal is 27-1, while Palmyra is 19-5-1 on the season

PREGAME Back now at the Whitehall-Coplay Complex for the PIAA Class AA final between Mount Joy Donegal (Pa.) and Palmyra (Pa.)

Nov. 17, 2018 — Kingston Wyoming Seminary (Pa.) 2, Newport (Pa.) 0

POSTGAME Back in a few minutes with the 2A final

POSTGAME That being said, Wyoming Seminary had the talent, the skills, and the finishing touch around goal

POSTGAME Full marks to Newport for not giving up against an opponent which has been in the finals before; the Buffaloes have improved one game every year since 2016, making it to the quarterfinals two years ago, the semifinals a year ago, and this year’s title match

FULL TIME And that is game; Wyoming Seminary wins the game 2-0

59:55 SEM PC Does not have to be taken; clock runs out

55:20 SEM PC Defensed by Lillie Harris

52:18 Yellow card, Wyoming Seminary: Wesneski is being called for the block tackle, which looked clean. The umpires are handing out cards like speeding tickets at the Indy 500

50:54 Yellow card, Newport: Myers with another stick foul

49:34 Yellow card, Wyoming Seminary: Aubrey Mytych for a stick obstruction

48:35 Yellow card, Newport: Kate Templeton off for a stick obstruction

43:24 Offsetting yellows for Newport’s Abigail Myers and Sem’s Alex Wesneski

42:44 Green card, Wyoming Seminary; Bari Lefkowitz off for two

40:55 SEM PC Defensed by Chloe Smith

39:10 Timeout, Newport

39:10 Sem appears to score again through Maxwell, but third-party is called

38:02 SEM GOAL Maxwell with a 30-yard run up the left wing, took it into the circle, and buried it! Sem leads 2-0

34:35 Green card, Wyoming Seminary; Hannah Maxwell is off for encroachment of the five-yard zone

31:00 SEM PC Hi-lo misses the inserter

30:00 The second half is under way

HALFTIME Newport has been effective on the counter and has earned corners against the Blue Knights’ backline

HALFTIME Sem has the goal and the lead, but Newport is giving the six-time state titlists all they can handle

HALFTIME The siren goes with Wyoming Seminary leading Newport 1-0

29:40 Green card, Newport: Rachel Bohn off for the push

25:05 SEM PC Low backhander is saved: rebound is wide!

24:00 NHS PC Defensed and cleared by Alex Wesneski

22:00 SEM PC Option-right is defensed

20:38 Green card, Wyoming Seminary; Julia Christian is off for the rash tackle

19:30 NHS PC Flip shot waffles away by Sem goalie Mia Magnotta

17:13 SEM PS and GOAL Reznick into the low corner; Blue Knights lead 1-0

17:10 SEM PC Ball stopped by Kate Templeton’s body and a penalty stroke is called!

14:00 NHS PC Option-right fizzles out

12:34 SEM PC Shot deflected wide and a long hit the result

9:25 NHS PC Hi-lo defensed by Kelsey Reznick

8:40 NHS PC Abigail Myers’ shot stopped by a Sem foot

7:20 SEM PC Deflection by Hannah Maxwell is well-saved by goalie Allie Harris

2:15 SEM PC Hi-lo is sent over the sideline by the Newport defense

0:00 The game is on

PREGAME Newport is wearing navy with white numbers, while Sem is wearing white tops with powder-blue kilts

PREGAME The teams are warming up under gray skies with temperatures around 44 degrees and a breeze

PREGAME Newport, a town of a bit more than 1,500 people in Perry County, is in its first PIAA field hockey final. It looks like half the town is here in Whitehall

PREGAME Wyoming Seminary is a nine-time participant in the state final, winning on six occasions, and is coached by the legendary Karen Klassner. Indeed, it was about 12 years ago when the Blue Knights had two future members of the U.S. women’s national team

PREGAME The story of this game is Wyoming Seminary’s championship-level experience over the last century against Newport’s relative inexperience

PREGAME Newport is 18-6-1 on the season, Sem is 20-2-1

PREGAME Hello, and welcome to Allentown Whitehall (Pa.) for the PIAA Class A final between Kingston Wyoming Seminary (Pa.) and Newport (Pa.)