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Jan. 17, 2019 — Unequal treatment on TV, yet again

The Big East Conference has been scrambled and shaken over the last few years, owing to conference reconstruction particularly in men’s basketball.

These days, the Big East does have some good programs; on the men’s side, Denver University won an NCAA championship a few years back, and on the women’s, Georgetown made a pair of Final Fours at the inception of the 21st Century.

But when the television schedule for Big East lacrosse was released today, it was notable for only one thing: inequality.

The schedule has six men’s lacrosse games spread across the Fox and CBS Sports networks, while the women have just one.

One. And it isn’t even a conference matchup: instead, the only time any of the networks are willing to show a Big East women’s team is when Maryland makes the 12-mile drive to Georgetown University.

The student-athletes on the women’s lacrosse teams at Butler, Villanova, Denver, Marquette, and Old Dominion should be up in arms, as they won’t get a single minute of TV exposure in the network schedule.

This space certainly notices the discrimination.

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