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Feb. 7, 2019 — A color choice

Today, I made a conscious choice to wear orange.

It’s not necessarily because of my affinity towards a particular sport or sports team, but it was a shout-out to my graduate school, The Maxwell School of Syracuse University. It has been more or less the top-ranked school for public administration the last two decades.

I have a deep and firm belief in the goodness of governance and public trust. A people, united behind good leadership, can form communities and societies where people take care of themselves and each other, build roads and bridges, and make a good living.

The last week has tested my beliefs, especially when I look at what has been going on in Virginia.

Three high-ranking officials have come under scandalous scrutiny for things that they had done in their past.

As they should.

The thing is, the whole blowup has occurred only a few days before the effective end of the legislative session. There is business to get done, laws to get passed, budgets to be put into place.

After all of the punditry over the weekend and the wailing and gnashing of teeth, I find it interesting that the scandals have not (yet) shifted the focus off of the work at hand.

Which may be the miracle of this entire enterprise. After all, we are in a different era in our national politics.