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Feb. 11, 2019 — A civic duty

Later this week, your Founder is going to take part in a necessary part of the American democracy.

Your Founder has been called into jury service.

I’m kind of glad it occurred in February, when there isn’t much in the way of field hockey or lacrosse on the scholastic level (South Carolina excepted). But as much of an inconvenience as the act of jury duty is, it’s something that is needed, to be able to fill out that jury of (more or less) 12 average citizens.

I haven’t been on a jury for about a decade; the last time was to convict an up-and-coming young athlete in a special drugs court for possession of crack cocaine.

I never got to know what happened in the sentencing phase of the trial. That was not under this jury’s purview. All we were supposed to do was to ascertain guilt beyond a reasonable doubt.

Years on, I do wonder if this particular judge was one of a number whose sentences have had to have been scrutinized or altered because of harsh sentencing for possession of crack as opposed to powder cocaine.

I wonder what will happen this week, too.