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March 3, 2019 — The former fortress

Over the last couple of seasons, Stony Brook University was a very chic pick as a “team to watch” because of the Ohlmiller sisters and the prowess of Courtney Murphy, one of the sport’s all-time leading scorers.

Throughout, Lavalle Stadium on the Stony Brook campus was a tough place to play. Located on the north shore of Long Island, the field was exposed to cutting winds from the bay. Depending on water temperature, these winds could also cause their own weather patterns.

Today, the balloon of home invincibility popped as Stanford zoomed to a 5-1 lead on 20 minutes, then came back from a 9-7 deficit in the final 20 minutes to win 15-12.

Here’s the enormity of Stanford’s win: the last team to beat Stony Brook at Lavalle Stadium was Yale back on March 8, 2016, nearly three years to the day.

For a Stony Brook team which was an overtime goal away from making the Final Four a year ago, this is a hard lesson and indication that this team has some growing to do.

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