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March 28, 2019 — Last of a kind?

TELESIDE, USA — During this evening’s lacrosse match between Northwestern and Penn State, there was talent out there on the pitch, then there was an orchestra conductor.

Selena Lasota is one of those rare players whose presence not only commands the ball, but also dictates what opponents have to do to stop her.

Of all the athletes I have watched in the world of sport, Lasota is amongst only a rare few who can seemingly control the opposition simply by being on the competition surface, reading plays two to three steps ahead of what they were going to do.

My list is short: Earvin “Magic” Johnson, Jen Adams, Wayne Gretzky, Joe Montana, Tom Brady, and Tony Hrkac, the former Hobey Baker Award winner from North Dakota.

Each of these players seemed to be able to what they do with ordinary effort, but Lasota is the only one with a leaping, athletic forehand shot that comes straight from box lacrosse.

Now, given the fact that there are defenses in basketball, hockey, football, and women’s lacrosse now geared towards stopping dominant offensive talents, I wonder if Lasota is going to be the last of a breed of dominant scorers who can take over a game in the last five minutes, leading to an era where your better scorers are likely to only get 40 goals per season, but the offense is spread around to all seven players in a given offensive set.

If so, there are only a few opportunities left to catch this truly special player with a Northwestern team in that “blanket” of teams chasing Boston College and Maryland for Final Four berths.

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