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May 11, 2019 — Another wolf

ADVISORY: If you’re a minor reading this blog entry, you may want to have an adult sitting with you.

Earlier this week, Scott Silva, a girls’ lacrosse coach for Van Nuys Birmingham Community Charter (Calif.) was convicted on 25 morals charges ranging from child molestation to false imprisonment.

As we’ve detailed in this blog in the past, youth sports have become a place where the determined sexual predator can evade detection and capture because of loopholes in laws and a culture of secrecy in some communities.

There have been some people who have been able to slink from one community to another once their misdeeds have been found out. But for Silva, his luck ran out last November with his arrest.

Now, we don’t know whether the 18 students he allegedly abused were his academic students at the school, his lacrosse players, or a combination of both. But given the number of charges, I’m glad that he wasn’t simply allowed to resign and leave town quietly, as has been the case in numerous sexual abuse cases in youth sports over the years.

It would appear that Silva is going to have a lot of time to himself to think about what he has done.