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May 18, 2019 — Maryland 17, Denver 8

POSTGAME Thanks for tuning in this evening

POSTGAME We’ll have more this Thursday with our fearless look at the four participating teams in the Division I national title race

POSTGAME But don’t hand the trophy over to Maryland yet; to my mind, the finest team in the country may be only the third seed in this tournament

POSTGAME Nothing, it seemed, could stop Caroline Steele: a zone, a shutoff, a rainstorm. She had career highs this evening in goals and in combined goals and assists, and she’s definitely going to be a factor as the Terrapins chase yet another national title

FULL TIME And that will do it; Maryland will be going to its 11th straight Final Four with a 17-8 win; the Terps will take on Northwestern next Friday evening at Homewood Field in Baltimore

59:45 DU GOAL Kendra Lanuza scores and stops the clock; Maryland looks like it is going to win 17-8

59:30 DU FP Behrins misses from the center-right hash

57:19 DU GOAL Feiss with a keep shot that evades Taylor; Maryland leads 17-7

54:03 TIMEOUT, DENVER A lot of the next few minutes is going to be spent emptying the bench

54:00 UMD FP and GOAL Kelsey Cummings looking just like her sister Taylor, pinging it in off the iron and giving Maryland a 17-6 lead

49:20 DU GOAL Julia Feiss with a nice goal from deep; Maryland still leads 16-6

48:23 UMD GOAL Megan Siverson gets the feed while running down the slot; Maryland leads 16-5

47:43 TV TIMEOUT but the scorer’s table has something to say about that running clock

47:43 UMD GOAL Caroline Steele is running riot; she scores her seventh and starts the running clock at 15-5

47:09 Looking at the weather map, the system is heading just north and west of College Park; we might get the southern edge

47:09 DU GOAL The Bea Behrins goal is from deep; the Maryland lead is still nine at 14-5

43:24 DU YELLOW Carolyn Lewis gets her second yellow, which ejects her from the game. The penalty is, again, non-releaseable


40:44 UMD GOAL Brindi Griffin scores on a long shot that was blown down for a shooting-space call, but the umpires now give the goal; the Terps lead 14-4 and the clock runs; this might help finish the game before a possible storm hits

39:26 DU YELLOW And now the Pioneers have picked up their fourth team yellow; this penalty and all future yellows are now unreleaseable

39:26 UMD GOAL Brindi Griffin scores and makes the Maryland lead nine

36:02 The PA announcer at Capital One Field has advised the spectators that a weather cluster is within 15 miles of College Park (and there is; it’s a red cell located right now between Frederick and Baltimore, Md), and advised the spectators to hold onto their ticket stubs for readmission in case of evacuation

36:02 UMD GOAL Caroline Steele with a tremendous finish off a Hartshorn feed. It’s her sixth of the day, 200th career; Maryland leads 12-4

35:31 DU GOAL Hoch-Bullen gets around Julia Braig and fires it into the cage; Maryland still leads 11-4

33:00 It’s gotten a fair sight cooler in the last few minutes as the wind has picked up; are we getting a pop-up storm?

32:30 UMD FP and GOAL Erica Evans makes it an easy finish from the left-center hash and the lead for Maryland is 11-3

31:34 UMD GOAL Steele, in close quarters, finishes with a flick of the wrist; Maryland is up 10-3

30:00 The second half is under way

HALF TIME Denver’s defense has really not had anything for Maryland’s attack; the Pioneers run and scramble and wave their lacrosse sticks, but somehow left their gameplan against Michigan back at home

HALF TIME This game has had several things we haven’t seen before: a raft of shots hitting goalposts, at least six encroachments on free positions, and two turnovers on goalie clears that have led to Maryland goals

HALF TIME The horn sounds with Maryland leading by six

29:15 DU FP and GOAL Hoch-Bullen gets her own rebound from her shot and quick-sticks it! Maryland still leads 9-3

29:08 DU FP Hoch-Bullen shoots wide but is gifted a second free position because of shooting space

28:03 UMD FP Hannah Warther turns it over for Maryland; that’s the sixth encroachment penalty this game. I don’t think I’ve seen this many in all the games I’ve seen this season

27:27 The umpires are now going over Kali Hartshorn’s stick for legality; the stick is upheld

27:27 UMD GOAL Brindi Griffin with the neat backhander and the Terps lead 9-2

26:33 UMD GOAL Caroline Steele intercepts a little roll pass from the Denver defense to Carson Gregg and finishes; that’s the second time Steele has stolen the ball from the goalie; Maryland leads 8-2


23:04 UMD GOAL Steele stakes the Terps to a five-goal advantage after the Terps wind down the penalty; it’s 7-2 Maryland

20:45 UMD FP and YELLOW Hartshorn fakes and hits the stick of a Denver defender. A very harsh yellow card

20:40 UMD FP Hartshorn whips it wide, but a false start is whistled on Denver. Will rerack

19:10 UMD FP Grace Griffin is whistled for jumping the gun on the restart; Denver gets the ball

18:26 DU FP Hoch-Bullen shoots wide from the left hash; Maryland backs it up and clears


17:29 UMD GOAL Griffin scores from a neat pass from behind! It’s a power-play goal! Terps lead 6-2

16:47 DU YELLOW Hannah Liddy is whistled for a dangerous follow-through. It’s her first, team’s third

14:57 UMD GOAL Denver goalie Carson Gregg throws the ball right to Caroline Steele, who somehow finds a way to get the ball through four converging red shirts; the call was likely going to be shooting space, but continuation is now allowed, so the Terps’ goal counts; it’s a power play goal! Terrapins up 5-2

13:44 DU YELLOW Katherine Fischer has also been sent to the sin bin; that’s her first yellow, team’s second

13:09 UMD GOAL Caroline Steele finishes a neatpassing play from the top of the formation and it’s a power play goal! Maryland leads 4-2

12:47 DU YELLOW Kennedy Millburn is off for two for the check to the head

12:17 DU GOAL Denver’s Kendra Lanuza with a nifty finish off a behind-the-back pass!

11:07 DU FP Shot doesn’t make the cage; Colson tries to clear for Maryland, but turns it over

8:49 UMD FP and GOAL Evans gets a second bite at the cherry; finishes to give Maryland a 3-1 lead

8:45 UMD FP Evans bounces it in, but Denver is whistled for encroachment


8:05 UMD GOAL A series of quick passes finds Erica Evans in the heart of the fan and Maryland leads 2-1

7:48 UMD FP Griffin chooses to pass out from the arc

7:30 DU GOAL Behrins receives the ball and drops it over Megan Taylor in the Maryland goal cage; game tied 1-1

5:00 DU FP Pioneers on the island hash on the right; chooses to pass behind the net

4:35 UMD FP Brindi Griffin’s shot is wide but the umpires call her for encroachment. They’re calling it close here

3:47 UMD GOAL Giles gets the Terrapins on the board and the Terps lead 1-0

PREGAME The game is on

PREGAME Maryland are in the white tops, with sleeve and kilt trim reminiscent of the Maryland flag; Denver is in the crimson with white and gold trim

PREGAME WIth North Carolina, Boston College, and Northwestern having punched their tickets to next week’s Final Four, the Pioneers and Terps already know what is at stake

PREGAME The teams are warming up under humid skies, temperatures around 74 degrees. There could be a scattered shower or popup thunderstorm in the offing

PREGAME Liza Kelly has put together an unusually talented staff. Tee Ladoceur played under Gary Gait at Syracuse, and has a certain flair and creativity to all she does. Goalie coach Brittany Read prepped at Voorhees Eastern (N.J.) before moving onto Louisville and Oregon

PREGAME The sidebar to this game is the fact that Cathy Reese coached at Denver for three years, eventually vaulting the Pioneers to their most successful record until this year. Reese had been assistant coach for Maryland until 2006, whereupon she accepted the job in 2007, where she has been ever since

PREGAME The Terrapins are in their 30th NCAA Tournament and are looking for their 10th straight Final Four appearance; this is Denver’s first time in the quarterfinal round

PREGAME Denver is led by sophomore Quintin Hoch-Bullen, a product of the superprep program at The Hill School in Vaughan, Ont. The Denver defense starts with goaltender Carson Gregg, but flows through Katherine Fischer, Elizabeth Behrins, and Molly Little on defense

PREGAME Maryland is led by Jen Giles and transfer Erica Evans, as well as center Kali Hartshorn. Hartshorn is the first choice at the center draw, with Lizzie Colson getting more than 100 draws this year. I think a big indicator of how the Terps do this game is how fluid their attack is; if they are indecisive against Denver’s zone, they could be in trouble

PREGAME Maryland got here by beating Stony Brook 17-8 after spotting the Seawolves a 4-0 advantage in the first half. Denver got to this point by beating USC 11-10 in overtime, then besting Michigan 9-5

PREGAME Maryland is 19-1 on the season, Denver is 16-3

PREGAME Hello, and welcome to Capital One Field for this NCAA NCAA Division I women’s lacrosse quarterfinal match between Denver and Maryland