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May 27, 2019 — An appreciation: Selena Lasota, attack, Northwestern

One in an occasional series.

There are lacrosse players who are often called “once in a generation” by the lacrosse punditry.

Some receive that designation because of the sheer number of goals scored (or allowed), excellence on defense or draw controls, or athletic ability.

Selena Lasota, for me, fits the ultimate definition of a scorer, someone who is like a Crista Samaras, or a Megan Whittle, or a Kelly Amonte-Hiller. Watch her play for a few minutes, and it’s apparent. She carries her stick parallel to the ground and keeps her hands very still.

Until it’s time to attack the goal. It’s then when her cleats punish the turf, the stick becomes a whirling dervish, and the ball is sent into the goal cage.

Lasota was a sensation five years ago when she scored 69 goals as a freshman, but was on the shelf in 2017 because of a lower-body injury. It was feared she may lose a year of eligibility, but she did get a redshirt so that she could wreak havoc on the teams on Northwestern’s schedule.

And did she ever. She had an unheard-of shooting percentage of 53 percent for the 2018 season, and put in 79 goals in 2019, one of the nation’s leading scorers.

Lasota’s numbers are of such depth and quality that is was unimaginable that the 2019 season culminated in her first Final Four appearance.

Equally unimaginable is the fact that that first Final Four appearance was her last, as Maryland steamrolled the Wildcats in the final 19 minutes to win 25-13 in the national semifinal round.

Lasota now goes into the professional ranks, playing with the WPLL’s Philadelphia Fire. If you have a chance to see her this summer, do so.