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Oct. 12, 2019 — No. 6 Delmar (Del.) 4, Selbyville Indian River (Del.) 1

NEWARK, Del. — The 21st Annual Turf Bowl, the multi-day field hockey festival held at the University of Delaware’s Rullo Stadium, had an unusual interstate matchup this go-round. But with all due respect to the supporters of Kennett Square Unionville (Pa.) and Georgetown Sussex Tech (Del.), there was one game that First State field hockey fans wanted to see.

That was the Henlopen Counference South Division matchup between current DIAA Division 2 champion Delmar (Del.) and Selbyville Indian River (Del.). Both teams were 10-0 coming into Turf Bowl, and it was Delmar running out 4-1 winners in the end.

Though Delmar is currently on a 51-game winning streak and the No. 6 team in the Top 10, head coach Jodi Hollamon kept it real at the postgame team talk.

“I’m feeling super-negative right now, but we still won the game 4-1 against a 10-0 team,” Hollamon said. “The bottom line is, we need to get better and complete those passes. We didn’t get the flow like we usually do.”

Delmar’s skills are such that some of their chances were more memorable than their goals. There was one first-half sequence borne of four one-touch passes that sprung one player at the left post, but couldn’t get the ball over the goal line.

Hollamon is blessed with a number of players on her roster who played on varsity in eighth grade, which is allowed under DIAA rules. This includes her starting goalie, sophomore Kelly Davis, and her freshman daughter, Josie, who had a pair of goals in the game.

“I’ve wanted to put on a Delmar uniform my whole life,” Josie Hollamon said. “It’s been a lot of fun doing this, and it’s amazing.”

Josie Hollamon had herself a game. She pinged a second-half penalty stroke, detonated a penalty corner in the 12th minute, and had one 40-yard pass in the first half that sprung three of her teammates at the doorstep, but the ball somehow evaded all three teammates and squirted over the end line.

“We’ve had some players who have been around the game a very long time,” Jodi Hollamon said. “They put the time in, and having the stick in their hands is important. Having that skill and intensity is important.”

In addition, senior defensive midfielder Morgan Fletcher exhibited an array of skills which are the hallmark of a more mature player, and will take her talents to Duke next fall.

“I owe a lot of my skills to Jodi and to her sister Juli Bradford: they’re like my second moms,” Fletcher said. “And playing with the girls the way we do, it makes me better every day.”

Delmar’s team is a product of a lot of expectation as well as lot of preparation, and the latter won out in the Turf Bowl this afternoon.

“We need this kind of game, becaese were not pressured day in and day out,” Jodi Hollamon said. “They are the best team we’ve played this year, and we just might see them here again (in the state final).”

DELMAR (11-0) 3 1 — 4
INDIAN RIVER (10-1) 0 1 — 1
D: Logan Walls, fg, 7th minute
D: Josie Hollamon (Morgan Bradford), pc, 12th
IR: Rylie Cordrey, pc, 24th
D: Ella Shockley, fg, 28th
D: Hollamon, ps, 45th
Shots — D: 17; IR. 6. Saves — D: Kelly Davis 5; IR: Allyson Clark 13.

FULL TIME That’s the end of the game with Delmar winning 4-1

58:47 DEL PS Morgan Fletcher’s flick is saved by Clark! Despite the scoreboard, she is having an excellent game

58:35 DEL PC Hollamon’s sweep is stopped but trapped under the goalie; a stroke is duly called

58:15 DEL PC False start on IR; they’ll have to defend with three players

56:05 IR PC Shot dribbles off the IR stick and cleared

56:00 DEL GREEN Logan Dean is off and the teams are 9-v-9

53:58 IR YELLOW Kayler Townsend is off for five minutes at a crucial point of this match

53:30 DEL PC Hollamon’s sweep is saved by Clark again!

51:21 Timeout, Indian River

49:30 IR PC Defensed by Logan Dean

48:00 IR PC Indians go Brooklyn; first shot on goal off the pass play is too high

45:55 IR PC Indians run the shotgun but cannot free a teammate

45:50 IR PC Delmar false-starts! This is the chance with only three outfielders on defense

44:08 DEL PS Hollamon converts with ease and the Wildcats are up 4-1

44:08 Maci Bradford withstands a hard foul in the second-goal area; a stroke is the result

41:40 Timeout, Delmar

41:00 IR is doing a decent job at occupying the center of the pitch and is preventing Delmar from building up attacks

34:00 Some neat Delmar passing inside the IR circle leads to a shot that goes wide!

30:00 The second half is under way

HALFTIME Clark has done an excellent job at stopping Delmar; her anticipation is so spot-on that it sometimes looks like she’s taken the Wildcats’ playbook

HALFTIME Though the Wildcats found net three times, some of the unsuccessful chances they created were stylish and skillful, something which is the mark of an excellent team

HALFTIME The horn sounds with Delmar leading 3-1

27:58 DEL GOAL But just as the IR defense takes a breath, the ball winds up in the back of the net through Ella Shockley! Delmar leads 3-1

27:30 DEL PC A swept shot by Maci Bradford is saved by Allyson Clark!

25:00 A 40-yard laser by Hollamon finds three teammates on the doorstep but the ball evades their control; 16y for Indian River

23:00 That’s only the third goal the Wildcats have conceded this season

23:00 IR PC and GOAL Rylie Cordrey with a backhander that bounces past Davis! Delmar still leads 2-1

20:30 Delmar, through four one-touch passes, gets a shot from five yards that is saved by the IR goalie; that buildup is straight out of the FC Barcelona playbook

11:24 Time out, Indian River. The Indians have been using an aerial attack to try to change fields, but it hasn’t worked as well as the simple pass that sprung Emma Ruley four minutes ago

11:24 DEL PC and GOAL Josie Hollamon detonates a 1-up and the lead is doubled! 2-0 Delmar

7:15 Indian River springs numbers and runs a 3-on-1 which is saved by Delmar goalie Kelly Davis

6:38 DEL GOAL A ball meets up with Logan Walls just above the stroke mark and makes no mistake; Delmar leads 1-0

5:00 Enterprising play by Maci Bradford leads to a shovel shot off IR goalie Allyson Clark; 23m the result

0:00 The game is on

PREGAME Delmar is in the all-orange kit; Indian River is wearing white tops with green kilts and Vegas gold trim

PREGAME The teams have already warmed up on the side turf at Rullo Stadium; we have partly cloudy skies and the temperature is at 66

PREGAME Many of them played varsity in eighth grade. Head coach Jodi Hollamon’s daughter Josie, and her cousin Maci Bradford, are among them. Their mothers both played at the University of Delaware

PREGAME Delmar is going for its fourth consecutive state championship with a roster that includes five ninth-graders

PREGAME Both teams arrived at their unbeaten records through different paths. Indian River has stayed in-state for its regular season, but Delmar has played Towson Notre Dame Prep, Kent Island, and Edgewater South River, all of Maryland

PREGAME Delmar, the No. 6 team in the Top 10, is 10-0 this season; Indian River is also 10-0

PREGAME Hello, and welcome to Rullo Stadium at the University of Delaware for this Turf Bowl match between Delmar (Del.) and Selbyville Indian River (Md.)