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Oct. 14, 2019 — Finding the right ratio

Over the last few months, we’ve resumed daily video postings on Instagram, in a series we’re calling “Unfiltered.”

And yeah, we don’t use a filter on the video. And sometimes there’s no filter on your Founder.

But I have noticed an odd quirk in judging how to shoot our daily commentaries. Seems whenever the aspect of our video is 1920 pixels high against 1080 pixels wide, Instagram cuts off significant portions of the top and bottom of every video, cutting off part of my head. When it’s 1080 high and 1920 wide (landscape), my head fits perfectly in the frame.

I’m going to be experimenting with settings on my device in order to be able to talk without my forehead being cut off. Hoping to find a good solution soon in order to make a good series of Unfiltered videos for you out in Instagram-land.