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Nov. 18, 2019 — Another site milestone

We noted a few weeks ago that this site recorded its 5,000th blog entry.

Well, over the weekend, thanks to a flurry of interest from people like you, the blog portion of this site recorded its 1 millionth visitor.

We didn’t have any flashing lights or a costumed mascot ready to present a year’s worth of groceries to whichever visitor it was that broke the million-visit mark, but all I can provide to you is our thanks.

This site strives every day to bring you facts, the occasional opinion, and what other people in the field hockey and lacrosse communities are thinking and talking about — good or bad, right or wrong.

We hope you stick with us even though the majority of field hockey titles have already been claimed; there are still three state championships to be won in Connecticut this week and we’ll try to follow what’s going on in the Nutmeg State.