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Dec. 11, 2019 — Change is coming to the Bay State, but in what form?

There has been a lot of chatter about how the Massachusetts Interscholastic Athletic Association is considering a statewide format for its scholastic tournaments.

The MIAA’s Tournament Management Committee is readying a vote of membership to make changes to the postseason which is expected to jumble up what had become somewhat stagnant bracketing, even across sports.

There were a number of years when the same two teams would fight their way to the sectional final, and only the matchups between state semifinalists would determine who would be the sole survivor.

In addition, there were a number of years when the West bracket might have as few as seven or eight teams, while the other brackets qualified as many as 19 or 20 teams.

We’re not privy to what the future makeup of MIAA tournaments will look like, but there are plenty of questions. Will there be three, maybe four enrollment classes? Will certain sports have the top seeds all in the same area of the state? Will there be situations when two local rivals both go to a faraway neutral site in order to play a state championship final?

We’ll have to see what the lords of Massachusetts scholastic sport have to say once the votes are in.