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Jan. 25, 2020 — Trying not to overthink it

I was in a lunch meeting a few days ago, on the subject of communication via social media.

For many of us computer users, most of us use The Big Three (Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram) in order to send messages, offer opinions, or getting the word out. You’ll notice my “handles” in each of these social media platforms at the top of this website.

Now, at one time, inventors had been rolling out new social media platforms at the rate of one or two per month. Some of them have either petered out or have been bought out by other companies.

That’s why this site hasn’t joined the likes of Vine, TikTok, Kik, or SnapChat. For my purposes, none of these platforms do what I need them to do in terms of sports blogging. If I need to put a video up on the web, I’ll have YouTube after splicing the footage together with iMovie.

Of course, one has to be flexible and mobile when it comes to using these media platforms; the world of computers and computing are littered with ideas which have seen the end of their lifetimes, such as Microsoft Bob, the Apple Newton, the One Laptop Per Child project, the Timex Sinclair, and Clippy.