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Jan. 29, 2020 — The (completely unnecessary) Kobe pushback

Felicia Sonmez is a journalist for The Washington Post.

Like me, she chose to add context and perspective on the life of Kobe Bryant, the NBA star who lost his life along with eight others in a helicopter crash on Sunday.

That context included Bryant’s 2003 rape case in Colorado, one which ended with the victim refusing to testify hours before the start of opening arguments.

Sonmez received a suspension for even the mere mention of anything Bryant did which was untoward. In other words, Sonmez was punished for doing her job.

And that’s wrong.

Yesterday, that suspension was lifted, but not before Sonmez aimed a brilliant broadside against the people who called her reporting insensitive.

“Washington Post journalists endeavor to live up to the paper’s mission statement, which states, ‘The newspaper shall tell ALL the truth so far as it can learn it, concerning the important affairs of America and the world,” she said. “I hope Washington Post newsroom leaders will not only prioritize their employees’ safety in the face of threats of physical harm but also ensure that no journalist will be punished for speaking the truth.”

This writer has also received pushback for mentioning Bryant’s legal troubles.

But will I back down?

Hell, no.