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Nov. 22, 2020 — By way of correction

Yesterday, Providence Classical (R.I.) won the Rhode Island Interscholastic League Division III state championship with a 2-0 win over Warwick Toll Gate (R.I.). It was the program’s third state championship, following on state titles in 2002 and 2016.

And herein is a problem, especially with the kind of fact-based field hockey journalism you have come to expect over the last two-plus decades.

Classical, a highly competitive academic magnet school, won the Division II state championship in 2002. Yet, this site had recognized Louisville DuPont Manual (Ky.) as the first magnet school to have ever won a state championship title when the Crimson won gold in 2011.

The great thing about a website (as opposed to printed paper) is that you can make corrections readily. Within 15 minutes, I had revised every reference to Manual having been the first magnet-school field hockey title. Sometimes I added a reference to Classical, others, I didn’t.

So, some of you might ask why I care so much that a particular institution is a magnet school, or a religious school, or a military school. The reason is that schools which aren’t your usual American public school add to the fabric and diversity of the nation’s educational system, both in terms of academics and physical education.

I love it, for example, when a STEM school such as Alexandria Thomas Jefferson (Va.) is able to make the Virginia High School League postseason. It’s cool from a journalistic standpoint because the players and coaches are very analytical and are able to explain how they were able to succeed on a particular day.

Given the rise of specialized education in this No Child Left Behind era, there are a lot of different schools that are out there — schools for science, the Arts, civics and government, and technology. And these are the ones that play field hockey. There are so many others in areas of the country like Michigan, California, South Carolina, Florida, and Texas.

Some of them will want to add varsity athletics to enhance physical education, which could really help grow field hockey, lacrosse, soccer, and other sports in the United States.