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Feb. 1, 2021 — A new wrinkle

This month, the worlds of field hockey and women’s lacrosse intersect as NCAA competition in both sports will be taking place at the same time. You’re also going to see this happening in some competitive environments at U.S. high schools.

It’s a situation which is being addressed in some places if you drill down deeply enough into announcements regarding the reopening of sports seasons in various places. In games like field hockey and lacrosse, which use similar skill sets, I’ll be interested to see if you’re going to see legal action on the part of someone who is seeking to keep playing two sports at the same time.

This site, as you may have been noticing, has changed its look a little bit. We’re retaining our four-column look, and are trying to put our updated and permanent content links in common columns — field hockey in one, lacrosse in another, and the Omnibus Edition in a third.

But we’re also adding a feature which we were a little dubious about a few months ago, but we’re going to give it a go. Look up in the upper right corner of this site for our social media handles.

Yep, we’ve joined TikTok.

Why? We’ve dabbled in video every once in a while, and this worldwide social media platform is, I think, going to be an asset. What kind of asset, I’m not sure, since the life of a field hockey/lacrosse journalist doesn’t lend itself to novelty dances or silly stunts.

But look at our videos. We’ve taken the opportunity to upload a one-minute video that we pieced together as a concept for an advertisement for digital and public-access media. You’re going to see more of these in future.

Until then, please take the opportunity to give us a “follow” in our Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter feeds, and give us a like and share in our Facebook presence.