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Oct. 9, 2021 — Kingston Wyoming Seminary (Pa.) 5, Voorhees Eastern (N.J.) 4

FULL TIME That’s all for now; good day and good hockey

FULL TIME These teams put forth a full-throttle and epic effort from the start of the game until its end, and the stars for each team certainly showed up today

FULL TIME In what is sure to go down in lore as a classic, Wyoming Seminary wins the game by a score of 5-4

59:30 Sem is in possession in the midfield and is willing to keep the ball

58:00 Heck dropping all the way back to midfield to try to influence the play

56:40 EAS GREEN CARD Bianco is booked for a stick hack

53:55 SEM PC Shotgun corner finds an open Maddie Olshemski, who makes no mistake from 12 yards; Sem leads 5-4!

45:00 The final stanza of regulation begins

END THIRD The horn sounds in this offensive showdown with the teams tied 4-4

44:40 EAS PC Slip pass to Heck, but she is double-teamed and dispossessed

44:30 SEM YELLOW CARD A push is not only a corner but a card; it looks like a yellow from our vantage point

44:20 EAS PC Bianco’s shot is wide of cage

41:30 EAS PC 1-up goes wide of goal

40:20 EAS PC Long blast from Bianco is saved!

39:10 EAS PC From the Brooklyn side, this option-right looks for Heck at the stroke mark, but finds a Sem foot; will re-rack

38:45 EAS PC A neat passing play is ended with a Sem foot

35:00 I can’t believe what I’m witnessing here

34:40 SEM GOAL Sem draws out Miller and gets the ball to Watchilla, who makes no mistake; we’re tied at 4-4!

32:47 EAS GOAL Riley Hudson with a nifty bit of passing to the stroke mark, where the ball is deflected in by (who else?) Ryleigh Heck. Eastern now leads 4-3

31:00 Wyoming Seminary with three long shots that are dealt with by Miller

30:00 The second half is under way

HALFTIME The teams are dead even; what do you expect from two sitting state champions?

HALF TIME Wyoming Seminary is finding generous room in the Eastern defensive end; will this contune in the second half?

HALF TIME As good and crafty as Ryleigh Heck is, Eastern is going to have to find other options in the circle in order to come out on top. Wyoming Seminary is dropping as many as four players around her in order to deny possession

HALF TIME The horn sounds with the sides level 3-3

29:20 EAS PC Option-right to Heck is picked off

28:44 EAS YELLOW CARD And a situation is developing; Wyoming Seminary head coach Karen Klassner, who doubles as the school’s athletic director, is having to come over to the opposite sideline to deal with a problem in the stands

27:00 EAS GOAL Ryleigh Heck is able to get open in the circle with the ball, and, while going down on one knee, knifes the ball into the top corner on the backhander! ¡Golazo! Game is tied 3-3

24:04 SEM GOAL A backhand pass from outside the circle finds a teammate at the penalty spot, who deflects it in! Seminary is up 3-2

21:30 Some crafty play by Eastern leads to a chance at the doorstep, but the deflected ball does not find the goal

20:17 SEM GOAL Ball goes into the circle and an angled shot from deep on the wing finds the cage! Game is tied 2-2

19:20 SEM PC Barbacci’s blast is stopped; follow-up by Watchilla is wide!

18:20 SEM PC Option-left to the top is a blast, but Eastern goalkeeper Susie Miller says no

16:50 Izzy Bianco tries an angled blast, but Wyoming Seminary goalie Laine Cabell says no

15:00 The second quarter begins

END FIRST The whistle blows an end to an entertaining first quarter with Eastern leading the game 2-1

14:40 SEM PC Option-right is defensed and cleared

14:30 A shot goes in, but is judged to have gone off a Sem foot

12:11 EAS GOAL Ryleigh Heck, hunting like a ravenous wolf for the ball, is able to shovel it in from the left side and gives the Vikings a 2-1 lead

11:30 SEM PC Barbacci’s option-left is stopped!

11:00 SEM PC Option-left is saved; will re-rack for a foot

8:30 EAS GOAL And, just like that, Eastern strikes back through Ryleigh Heck as she beats the Sem left-wing defense and goalkeeper! Game tied 1-1

7:21 SEM GOAL Eastern’s defense allows two Seminary players to get open on the doorstep, and the ball goes in! 1-0 Wyoming Seminary

5:30 Ryleigh Heck is double-teamed and dispossessed at the top of the circle

4:10 SEM PC A three-way pass play leads to a shot which is blocked down

2:00 Eastern played last night, an 8-1 win over Louisville Sacred Heart (Ky.); the Vikings are on the back foot here

1:45 An Eastern turnover forces a save; kind of reminds me of the first minutes of the Villa Maria game a couple of weeks back

0:59 Wyoming Seminary has the first chance, but it is judged to be a dangerous shot

0:00 The game is on

PREGAME Wyoming Seminary is in the white strip with blue numerals and kilts, while Eastern will be in the navy with white numerals

PREGAME The teams are warming up on the Klassner Field turf with clear skies and cool conditions with temperatures around 60

PREGAME There was the 2007 “Shoe Game” where Kat Sharkey played the latter stages of the match with her turf shoe taped to her foot, and then there was the 2009 contest when Madeleine Hackett scored on three penalty strokes during a post-overtime tiebreaker that went 11 rounds

PREGAME The reason this game is worth your time and energy is because these teams have played each other every year but one since 2006, and several of these games were absolute classics

PREGAME Wyoming Seminary is led by a pair of juniors. Ella Barbacci, the daughter of the team’s long-time assistant coach, is a player who not only has great scoring ability, she knows when to score. Emma Watchilla is a crafty scorer in the circle. Watch also for Maddie Olshemski from this junior class

PREGAME Eastern is a senior-laden team, and extremely strong up the middle. Center forward Ryleigh Heck is the third-leading goal-scorer in National Federation history. Center midfielder Riley Hudson is an extremely strong two-way player, and center back Tess Herman has rounded into form the last few weeks. Izzy Bianco, the team’s right midfielder, is a quality player who has a rocket shot

PREGAME These teams, as you just saw, have not had perfect seasons thus far. Sem, a week ago, dropped a 2-1 game to Newtown Square Episcopal Academy (Pa.); Eastern, two weeks ago, were shut out by Malvern Villa Maria (Pa.) 3-0. It was the first time that the Vikings’ offense had not registered a goal in at least 22 years

PREGAME Wyoming Seminary, the No. 9 team in the Top 10, is 9-1 on the season; Eastern, the No. 5 team, is 13-1

PREGAME Hello, and welcome to Klassner Field in Kingston, Pa., on the campus of Wyoming Seminary for this interstate field hockey game between the host Knights and Voorhees Eastern (N.J.)

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