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BULLETIN: Oct. 13, 2021 — Another sorry episode in the field hockey community

This afternoon, police in Harrisburg, Pa. issued an arrest warrant for William Gaudette, the founder of East Coast Field Hockey, whose history within the sport has lasted some four decades.

Before the onset of large field hockey clubs with their own home bases for playing and coaching, East Coast Field Hockey had developed a large and sophisticated operation including the building of the East Coast Training Center.

But sometime last summer, the 77-year-old Gaudette is alleged to have developed a sexual relationship with a teenage player, one which lasted more than a year. Police say that when she tried to talk to him about the activities, he threatened her with deportation.

Police filed charges against Gaudette on Oct. 7th, and the suspect is currently at large.

Gaudette is the latest of roughly a dozen people in the U.S. scholastic field hockey community to have run afoul of the law in the last 16 or so years. The figures have ranged from assistant coaches to self-styled promoters, even a member of the news media. Five of them are in the disciplinary database for the U.S. Centers for SafeSport. And I have a sickening feeling that more will join them.

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