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Dec. 18, 2021 — Waking up to a secondary nightmare

As the story goes, the Spanish flu epidemic of 1917 wound up extending an entire year because populations had gotten careless about spreading the strain that caused the deaths of 50 million people worldwide.

So, should we, as a civilization, be perturbed about a recent spike in Coronavirus cases that have caused the shutdown of sports teams in soccer, basketball, football, and hockey this week?

Sure, it’s one thing when high-paid professional athletes get sick. But what should be more worrying is whether or not fans — the general public — develop the illness.

The summer of 2021 was not just one where the COVID-19 vaccine became readily available, but one which saw full capacity at many outdoor facilities for sporting events. But with sports moving indoors, their supporters are also moving inside.

Now, I grant that the recent Delta and Omicron variants are treatable through current means, and are mitigated (somewhat) by current vaccines.

But when you get news that a friend, who works for a major arts organization in a major metropolitan area, has contracted COVID for a second time, it is something that makes you want to hide away for a while until the curve flattens.

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