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Jan. 2, 2022 — Giftgiving for 2022

Today’s the Ninth Day of Christmas (yep, it’s still the Christmas season; keep your tree up!) and this is the time of year where we hand out gifts to the world of women’s athletics.

Here’s a few:

To the NWSL: a year of stability and due diligence for hiring coaches.

To the WNBA: plans for expansion to places which should have pro women’s basketball. Philadelphia and Nashville would be great.

To Jon Patricof and Jonathan Soros: the courage and vision to start an Athletes Unlimited field hockey league.

To USA Field Hockey: some financial solvency which will allow the governing body to take more risks when it comes to player development. Hopefully, a major sponsor which is not a cryptocurrency or betting interest.

To Ryleigh Heck and Fran Frieri: more kudos for the national records they set in 2021, and wisdom for how to translate their stellar play to their college teams in the next year.

To Sappington Charles Lindbergh (Mo.): A deep run in the 2022 state field hockey tournament to show all of Missouri how good you are both defensively and offensively.

To the New Jersey State Interscholastic Athletic Association: a video copy of the entire field hockey Tournament of Champions final (as opposed to only the first half currently on the NFHS Network) to show how great the level of play in the T of C is.

To Tari Kandemiri and Amari Pollard: more chances to speak truth to an American lacrosse community which needs a good dose of realization of how inclusive it still needs to be.

To the American field hockey community: a version of Tari and Amari’s show.

To the American cable television universe: a real women’s sports network which takes field hockey and lacrosse as seriously as the major networks do for basketball and football.

To the International Olympic Committee: the realization that their overzealous, overweening, and vainglorious demands on bid cities and sponsors are about to fracture the golden egg to a degree that it can’t be put together again.

To the nation of Qatar: good luck after having a laser-focus on your regime during this November’s World Cup. Just look at what happened to Eastern Europe after the Sarajevo Olympics.