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Jan. 23, 2022 — Trouble in women’s sports ownership, Part 2

The allegations sprung from Twitter like a thunderbolt.

One of the few goalkeepers hired by the Athletes Unlimited women’s lacrosse promotion for the inaugural season, Angie Benson was not tendered a Season 2 contract by the people running the league.

“I asked,” she said on Twitter, “and I was not given a reason why.”

But if you watched the roster of the inaugural season form up, there is a reason: the senior women’s national team pool. Liz Hogan, Devon Wills, Taylor Moreno, and Gussie Johns did not play in the league last year, and I am sure that the addition of a lot of incoming talent for this summer (Charlotte North, anyone?) is going to add up to some people not being given an invitation to join the AU league in 2022.

That being said, I’m befuddled that Jonathan Soros and Jon Patricof don’t seem to be expanding the pool of players to six teams rather than four. There is a wealth of talent at the elite level in this country because of the trebling of the footprint of the sport since 1995; indeed, I’m not sure that even a dozen teams could fulfill the demand of women wanting to play past their college graduation.

Now, it would be a massive risk to expand the AU league too quickly. But for the sake of players like Benson and others likely to lose their place in the league this summer, I do hope there can be an incremental add-on.