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Jan. 28, 2022 — A following trend?

As you can see from the header of this website, we have dived into the world of social media, not just to promote the site, but to read individual accounts of what is going on.

Somewhere amongst the adoptive kittens, train fires, and people who can solve a high-order Rubik’s cube, I have come across heartbreaking tales of alleged physical and metal abuse on the part of sports coaches on the players in their charge.

Some are lacrosse or field hockey players. And some of the coaches referred to in their social media posts are people I have known for decades.

Now, if there’s one thing that has taken over the sports universe over the last couple of years, it is the state of mental health of athletes, whether they are multimillion-dollar professionals or the burnt-out youth soccer players.

So has social media, and I think we’re going to see many, many stories and posts on various platforms. These posts are going to be heartbreaking, and many will be seen as courageous. I think, over the next several years, we’re going to see the legacies of many programs and coaches being altered forever because of stories of physical and mental abuse in many different athletic pursuits.

And, because these are unfiltered and first-hand, they have the possibility for great good, but also great evil. Remember a few years ago when the head coach of Lehigh University was accused of abusive behavior? Those accusations were summarily dismissed after an university investigation.

I don’t know what percentage of accusations of this nature turn out to be non-credible, but one does tend to develop a healthy sense of skepticism depending on the outcome.

And while there is a database of persons in amateur athletics who have been sanctioned by the United States Olympic and Paralympic Committee, about 100 of the 1658 people listed fit in the category, “Allegations of Misconduct.”

I’m not so sure what happens to people who are vindicated.

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  Cris Maloney wrote @

Yes. I would like to know what the bar is before organizations such as SafeSport list a person on its website. Is it like a grand jury delivering to a prosecutor’s office that it has concluded its deliberations after looking at evidence and determined that there is enough evidence to move forward with criminal charges or is it “we got a report, and it seems credible, so we’re going to publish this person’s name”?

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